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Hello, fans, I apologize for not uploading any newsfeed recently; I have been quite busy with studies and things, but here I am once again! As normal, I am doing a 'Walking Dead' predictions article, and if you are caught up with the series, you know that the Mid-season Finale was very brutal and had its saddening moments, but there was much left out, only leaving me craving the Mid-season Premiere in February. Let us begin with the predictions, shall we?

Also, I will mostly be focusing on the core group and not minor characters, and heed SPOILERS!

Rick Grimes: Rick should NOT die any time soon. If Rick is to die at any point, possibly the final seaosn of the show. Killing him now would be very drastic for the group, but also, for me and many other fans as well, would feel as if the show had the biggest hole in it if Rick were to die before the final episode. Rick is SAFE.

Carl Grimes: If anything happens to Carl, I firmly believe from spoilers I have seen (so please stop reading now if you don NOT WANT TO KNOW THE VERY POSSIBLY ACCURATE SPOILS), that Carl will get his eye blown out by the hands of another character's actions. I think Carl has a good possibility to survive the entire show, but if he were to die, maybe the final season... Seeing Rick's character development after Carl's death would be ASTOUNDING but it's too soon.

Carol Peletier: Carol--my 100% favorite female character on the show, and to see her die this season or ever would be heart-crushing and just a major depression for the group. Carol has become so awesome since season 4--but I have always loved her character, even from the beginning. I felt so horrible for her being abused by her scumbag husband and I ached for her daughter who sadly met her demise in season two. I have once again read spoilers (TAKE HEED) that in Episode 15, Daryl is mourning the death of a 'she', and what other she is alive that he is so attached to other than Carol? Problem is: the 'she' is an unknown character. Fingers crossed Carol survives for many seasons and until the end.

Maggie Greene: Maggie is pregnant, so no, she will not die. They are opening a storyline here that killing her would throw away. I mean, Lori died during a C-section, so if Maggie died during pregnancy, too, what a crappy plot... So I firmly believe they will follow the comics and Maggie will survive many seasons.

Glenn Rhee: Glenn had his 'death' in the third episode of this season and some people thought he was truly dead, but I had that minute sliver of hope that those cadaverous walking bodies didn't rip my Asain bro to pieces! And...they didn't! But it has been confirmed that Negan (the notorious villain who kills him in the comics), is coming in or around the finale and that makes me fear Glenn's actual death. I'm gonna shoot with: It's extremely possible that Glenn will die this season.

Michonne: Absolutely I think she will die! Just kidding! Y'all, Michonne isn't going to die; she will have the same plot as the comics--it just makes sense. Her dying for me would be the same as killing off Rick--LARGE STORY GAP.

Sasha Williams: No, definately not. She has developed amazing growth since her sullen decline in 5B, and in Episode 6 of Season 6, we got to see her growth spike from "I'm depressed and wanna die" to "I can do this and I have found my place among these people." Her depression had me worried last season, but I could NEVER see her killing herself. She is safe.

Abraham Ford: Abe actually dies before Glenn does, by two issues in the comics, so if Abe is to die, it would seem right for it to be in the...14th episode... But, I don't know, I really feel inside that he has way more potential than to just kill him off right now.

Eugene Portor: As much as some people utterly despise Eugene, I think he's safe for a while. You see Rosita trying to help him figure out the concept called: survival. Maybe he'll get that soon.

Rosita: Yes, Rosita will survive and I fully believe she will have the same arc as in the comic storyline--that's when she died...

Jessie Anderson: Jessie, oh gosh, I LOVE HER! She better survive, but I honestly do not believe that she will. I think she will probably die as in the comics, being devoured along with her son...and Rick having to off her hand and depart while his girlfriend and step-sons I guess you could say, bite the dust in a gruesome way. Yes, Jessie will most likely die.

Ron Anderson: Yes, I believe he will die as well, and I personally hate him with a strong passion. He tried to MURDER CARL! He needs to die!

Sam Anderson: He's very skittish and too dependant upon people. Unless he heeds Carol's words of advice, and shut things down inside him before it 'eats you up' he will LITERALLY be eaten up. What if those words Carol has been trying to drill into his mind are foreshadowing his grotesque fate: Sam will get eaten up.

Morgan Jones: Ok, Morgan was great until he went all "Life is precious" which it is, but NOT when people are trying to murder you. I'm all about letting people live--until they break into my home and stab and butcher my family and friends and then expect to live... Morgan will PROBABLY survive since he just came back but he'll have to learn.

Tara Chambler: What about Tara? Rumors have it that the last time she was spotted on set what episode 14. What if Tara gets a certain arrow-to-the-eye comic book death at the hands of Daryl's stolen crossbow. That would sure make Daryl upset and mourn another death -- especially if he was somewhat "responsible" for the death. (This is someone else's predicition by: Eric Kursinski, he is in the comments below).

Daryl Dixon: Finally, you're probably all wondering "WHY IS HE LAST AND WHERE HAS HE BEEN!?" Well, Answer: I like to make you wait and build up suspense ;P. So Daryl spoliers have been leaked as well... and aparently he gets SHOT and blood FLIES EVERYWHERE, and then the epsiode ends... BUT, Daryl was seen filming the he survives the gunshot wound, but that does NOT mean he is entirely safe. If Daryl dies, I'll be shocked, but I will STILL watch this show..

Comment and like, let me know what you all think of this article! Thank you!

Also: Thank you to those who pointed out my overlooked errors in this article. I went back and corrected the ones I saw, please notify me if there are any more I might have so ignorantly missed.


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