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Reactions are beginning to pour in from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Tons of fans agree that Rey, played by the previously unknown Daisy Ridley, stole the show -- which is debatable since BB8's fan base continues to grow by the hour. Two days after it's US release, the biggest question isn’t which star stole the show, but instead, many are left asking “Who is Rey’s father?"

Many Star Wars fanatics have speculated the new force sensitive character in a galaxy far, far away is the offspring of none other than the one and only Luke Skywalker. However, on the other side of the fence, many fans politely disagree and are hoping J.J. Abrams has a more original twist for 2017's Star Wars Episode VIII.

Let's take a look at the signs, shall we...

Reasons Luke is the father:

  • The force is strong in his family, he has it, his father has it, his sister has it -- so it makes perfect sense his daughter would have it too.
  • Skywalkers are naturals when it comes to flying. Anakin, Luke and Rey exhibited exceptional piloting technique at a young age
  • Anakin's lightsaber has always been a staple of the Skywalker legacy and it calls out to Rey during her flashback scene on the planet of Takodana
  • During General Leia and Rey's first encounter at the end, Leia recognizes her alleged family member without an introduction and embraces her
  • Star Wars trilogies have always been based on the rise or fall of a Skywalker

Episode I-III: Fall of Anakin Skywalker

Episode IV-VI: Rise of Luke Skywalker

Episode VII-IX: ??? (Kylo Ren's last name is Solo -- doesn't fit)

  • Skywalkers have traditionally suffered from anxiety that causes hallucinations of the past or future.

Episode III: Anakin’s visions

Episode V: Luke's visions

Force Awakens: Rey's vision on Takodana

  • Every trilogy has a big reveal about the main character's parents

Prequels: Midichlorian’s fathered Anakin

Original Trilogy: “Luke, I am your father”

New Trilogy: ??

  • The only instances we’ve ever seen a child utilize the force so well on their first try have been from the Skywalker klan. Luke and Anakin began training well past their toddler years and still excelled at mastering the force. Rey is well on her way to doing the same
  • OMG! They even dress the same

Reasons Luke isn't the father:

Rey’s manipulation of the force came easy -- almost too easy? What about if her ability to wield Luke's lightsaber was based off of pure memory? Han Solo explain to Rey and Fin that Luke was training a group of Jedi until Ben Solo went rogue.

What if Kylo Ren as well as his band of misfits are the drop out students from Luke’s school for the Jedi Han Solo talked about? What if the only student that didn’t go to the dark side was a student by the name of Rey? What if Luke erased Rey’s memory for her protection and the spaceship seen fleeing the scene in Rey's vision belonged to a Mr. Luke Skywalker? -- her former master?

All of the above is speculation, but that’s all you’re left to do when anticipating a J.J. Abrams film (that guy can keep a secret). In the prequels it was revealed that Jedi were taken from their homes at birth to train. It would be no surprise if this was the fate of Rey. It’s even easier to believe that Luke would drop her off on a distant planet as a protective measure, similar to the actions his mentor took with him when he was a baby on Star Wars: A New Hope.

The glue that would hold this theory together is if you believe a Jedi can wipe a person’s memory. I’ve seen crazier Jedi mind tricks in my day so the idea is plausible.

All in all, we have a year and half to play the guessing game. I'm leaning more on the side that we find out Rey's last name is Skywalker -- what do you think?


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