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Baldwin Collins

The story starts with Agent 47, sent on a mission to find Dr. piotr litrenko ( Giaran Hinds) a Genetic's Scientist who creates engineered Human clones, robot like beings with extra super strengh beyond any normal human being. he's mysteriously gone missing. Agent 47 has been giving orders by his handler to find him before a rival corporation does. The specialty about the clones they follow orders to eliminate, what you call the perfect assassin, Dr, litrenko left behind a Daughter. in a next scene . the years has passed and she's all grown-up. A confused young woman trying to find answers to who and where is her father. Katia ( Hannah Ware) sets-out on a mission to find her father.

Katia realizes that she has a special Gift, she's able to read people though's and see they're past and present life, During her Quest to find the truth, she's approached at a subway station by a stranger named John Smith ( Zachary Quinto ) he explains to katia that there's an assassin whose out to kill her. Obviously she visions the man in her mind. She suddenly believes smith's story and accepts his protection. he even goes a step further and tell katia that he has information about her father, Agent 47 finds both of them and attacks them. Luckily they escape, but not before Katia is hit by a bullet from Agent 47's Gun. Smith and Katia manages to hide-out in a Hotel room where John Smith gets the opportunity to explain to Katia that he's an operative working for a organization known as the syndicate international .

Smith wins Katia trust, and she shows him her map of clues to finding where her father is. has Katia done the right thing in exposing where her father could be to the wrong person ? or is she on the right track ? from here the movie starts to have some surprising twists and turns , exposing who is really good or Bad , However i found the action sequences familiar to ''the matrix and ''the terminator'' movies, Nothing really new here.

Still many action fans will love it, Directed by Aleksander Bach released on August 21 2015


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