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Alright, A few interesting ideas of where the plot is taking us. 1: There are 2 possible conclusions of Rey's origins that I think people should know my idea as they are interesting. While yes, It is possible she Luke's daughter, It's even and much more likely that she is the Grand Daughter of Obi-Wan! Think about it though; Aside from Luke, Who else was force sensitive with an abundance of time and who of the plots past would we recognize of iconic lineage of Jedi? Obi-Wan that's who. Obi-Wan was never mentioned of having a family, but never said he didn't get involved with someone at some point. And even before the empire took over, He possibly had women before. So a little food for thought that he had children who had grand children, So I would appreciate positive comments as it is original and many couldn't really speculate at first glance.

2: Who picked up Kylo Ren's butt off the planet before it exploded? Phasma was assumed left for dead, but let's be honest; She is a strong, tactical, villain, who has the know how to escape from a trash compactor. And unlike the previous trash compactor models, I assume there's an override point inside. Furthermore, She was the only one with enough time to escape, even before Snoke's request to return Ren for his training. So I believe Phasma is still alive and might be our next Bobba Fett.

3: We will most likely see Leia return to her generals title to stop the darkside from taking over. I am sure she will the most hardest character to put down and I honestly see her getting put through this entire trilogy with her having a prolonged ending to fight the good fight extensively.

4: Should we expect more than 2 Jedi in the next movie? YES, YES, YES. When Snoke said, The force has "Awakened" I feel like this was a reference to the fact that, YES, More people have become attuned and trained into the force extensively. So its fair to expect a fair amount of Jedi are around to fight against the Sith.

5: Could we see Kylo switch sides still? Yes, While he did some EVIL EVIL EVIL things to our heroes in this movie, I feel like he would still help the Jedi if he was properly motivated. Much like his "inspiration" he could show a change of heart when confronted properly.

Here is some of my input, Let me know what you think, I honestly think these are some profound ideas. I loved the movie and if you didn't, Then you are wrong.


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