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Rob Taylor

This is probably gonna be a controversial post, but I REALLY think this needs to be said.

In recent days a VERY ugly trend has developed, of almost anyone who HAS talked or written about Star Wars being rebuked in some way for it. Either they didn't put "enough" spoiler tags, or use the correct spoiler part of the site... I've even seen a promoted theory article being lambasted on Facebook FOR IT'S TITLE!!!

I myself got spoiled right before I went into the cinema, but I was expecting that plot point so it didn't ruin anything for me. I didn't lose my head, didn't throw a tantrum... I called a fail on that person and moved on. It didn't ruin the experience in the slightest, and if anything made it a little more heightened as the tension built.

In recent days I have had several arguments with creators on MP, including one of our more prominent ones and it was a prime example of the trend I mention. There is a "spoiler shaming" culture developing, being passed off as "good manners" and "being considerate" which seems to now extend to those who have seen the film before others and who want to talk about it on the Facebook or in an article.

For some of us, we've waited for YEARS for this film and yes, I get how annoying it is when something is spoiled. To make sure it wasn't, I made sure I was in the first showing, booked annual leave so I could do a midnight showing and didn't even watch the trailers. I did some work and something STILL slipped through right at the death. It meant enough to me I took those steps to avoid spoilers and I still failed.

I've seen a range of justifications for the "spoiler police" in recent days and their actions and words, from "some people work online and can't avoid spoilers..." to "not everyone can book in..." and to an extent, while they are true, it is still possible to take steps yourself, indeed it is your responsibility.

That key phrase is "if it means that much to you..."

Is a Force Awaken's spoiler any worse than if you chose to DVR Walking Dead and overhear someone at the water cooler? No, but to some people on the net, they are treating it like an act of war or a reason to talk down to people and call them out.

What is being passed off as a matter of manners is in effect picking on people who not only got to see the movie first, but want to talk about it... Who doesn't? IT'S AWESOME!!!

The reality is that no one is entitled to a spoiler free existence. The moment a movie, show, wrestling event etc. hits and you elect to be somewhere else, it is open season and fair game.

You either see it early, or risk being spoiled. That is a personal responsibility, just as those who choose to maliciously spoil take. THOSE people deserve some of your ire, but many who are being shamed are also those who just got to see it earlier than you and they decided to post about it.

They're not rude, they're not inconsiderate, it's not bad manners on their part... They just wanted it more than you did took steps to see the film early...and if you're REALLY honest? Is that really what the problem is rather than what they wrote? That they got something earlier than you and now you have to do MORE work to try and avoid the spoilers than you would have had to be part of opening night? Are the bad manners on their part, or yours for throwing tantrums or writing nasty, snarky things about them?

Notice no spoilers have dropped here, I will be writing an article tomorrow with them in, it'll say spoilers in the title and that's it... if you choose to read past that, then it's on you.. That's your responsibility... You can always log off for a day or two till you've seen the film if it's so important. If you can't or don't, then you know your chances of spoilers increase by the hour. You've made that call.

If you want to blame someone, blame Disney who decided against a global release at the same time... or your boss for not letting you have the day off to see it... they're equally pointless to blaming people who saw the movie and now are just writing about it.

The truth is, worrying about spoilers is futile... they will ALWAYS get through somehow, either through a malicious attempt or someone inadvertently saying something about it. Shaming people cos you think they spoiled is equally bad form to spoiling itself. It's no better than calling out the bigger person who got the slice of pie you wanted.

I am sure I'll be flamed and it's important to counterbalance with the positive of the experience this movie brings. It IS all it's cracked up to be, but you will STILL enjoy it if something gets spoiled. So chill out and don't attack people if you stumble across something you didn't want to see... it's not likely their fault or done on purpose, so don't act like they've personally wronged you...and we'll all be able to enjoy talking about this movie for years to come.

If you're going to comment, by all means it's cool to disagree, but let's keep it respectful folks... lest you prove my point.


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