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I have given this movie 5 stars. 2 of them were because it's a Star Wars movie, 2 for the absolute cuteness of Daisy Ridley and one because the black man wasn't a traitor who turned out to be good. Oh crap, that's right he was. So the the fifth star goes back to Daisy but at least he went against the storm troopers, who were no longer clone troopers but children sold into slavery and trained to be evil. Kinda a lightly touched upon super dark subject matter.

I was hesitant after waiting in line for episode I only to be greeted with Jar Jar and a metaclorine counter. Kinda already messing with my understanding of the force. I've stayed away from fan fiction to avoid hurting my brain by critiquing them. When LucasFilms sold the rights to Disney I actually had a new hope (pun intended) I love Pixar and have enjoyed basically every disney movie i've ever seen. So now LucasFilms and Disney have managed to destroy my faith in both companies at the same time. This kinda has me wondering if Civil War is going to involve a time traveling Delorean and the actual US civil war.

Basically I fought to stay awake through the film and when it did get exciting enough to keep me alert the story line was choppy and disconnected. I really enjoyed the premises but I am also getting quite tired of movies being nothing more than lead ins to the next film. Each of the original three could stand as quality movies on their own. I'm just hoping that this film will at least stand as a foundation for a quality continuation of the franchise.

I am not one who spoils a movie before everyone has a chance to see it so I can't say too much more. The twists seemed forced and unnecessary and the casting of the "dark side" was weak at best and struck fear in no-one who wasn't being audited by the IRS. All and all I was expecting a JJ Abrams masterpiece, but instead got a wonderfully directed and visually beautiful to Star Wars Episode 8.

I know this posting will cause all sorts of discontent and anger but thats why the internet and freedom of speech exists. So I can say I can't stand the new Star Wars and I have no fear of Imperial Troopers breaking down my doors. Please don't let my opinion effect yours. I'm sure there were tons of people who liked Jar Jar and they did renew Jersey Shore, so maybe I'm wrong.


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