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Bold Statement?

Well the evidence points to it being true!

Why Not?

Dick Grayson! The FIRST Robin is one of the most loved comic book characters of all time. A guy who's made so many transitions, yet still manages to receive even more adoration from fans of DC Comics, and even trusted by the mighty Superman himself.

(Although this isn't the main continuity Gray
(Although this isn't the main continuity Gray

Now let's dive into the proof shall we?


No, seriously, he's been featured in many different titles since the Convergence series ended.

The Batgirl Series

Cover for the latest Batgirl Annual
Cover for the latest Batgirl Annual


Batgirl gets Dick Grayson and Red Hood to help out
Batgirl gets Dick Grayson and Red Hood to help out

The Latest Starfire Issue

Let's Not Forget Midnighter

Oh Ya. He's BATMAN in Earth 2 Society

His becoming of Batman (Convergence)
His becoming of Batman (Convergence)

He's also HEADLINING a Number of other Titles/Series

Robin's War

Titan's Hunt

Batman & Robin Eternal

TNT's Titan's Series

As previously announced, Dick Grayson will be the main character of Titans. However, he will still be Robin at the beginning, though the switch to Nightwing could happen later on. After quitting as Batman’s sidekick, this version of Dick is now working as a detective in Boston. The article points out the similarity in career path with Chuck Dixon’s 1990s run of Nightwing, where he became a police officer in Bludhaven. Given that Titans will be featuring the heroes in their twenties as opposed to being teens, it’s likely that Dick will exchange the green tights for the black and (ideally) blue Nightwing costume.
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With all this proof, and the recent Robin War series hinting at a MAJOR change in the Dick Grayson character. It's hard not to notice how DC is doing.

Major Changes Coming for Grayson?
Major Changes Coming for Grayson?

There's Also The Fact of Him Trying To Take Down Spiral In His Own Solo Series

DC is implementing Dick Grayson in a way to make him common to all reader's, so that when he eventually takes center stage in the DC World, it won't seem forced, or unnatural.

Oh Then Theres This....

Skip to the 6:25 mark until the 8:15 mark

Well if that's not enough proof for you all, I don't know what is


Do you like the idea of Dick Grayson taking center stage?


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