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With the newly released Star Wars: Force Awakens already breaking records in the box office. The film still leaves many fans scavenging for easter eggs and potential theories behind JJ abrams' new entry into the series.

Even though The Emperor fell down some sort of Death Star shaft, tube thing, and potentially plummeted to his death, granted, but do we know for a fact that he had died? His body was never recovered and there was no confirmation of his death.

One thing from the film that got me thinking, and many others, was who is Snoke? So far, what we know of him is, that he seems to be the new big bad guy in the next series of Star Wars films. But is the Supreme Leader Snoke actually Emperor Palpatine?

I know it sounds crazy but hear me out. Snoke is a giant hologram (we assume) and as shown in the picture above, Palpatine was a giant hologram at some point too.

Not enough to prove that Snoke is Palpatine? Well, for people who have seen the film, you will know that Snoke is bald, grey, scarred and wrinkly. Just like The Emperor, but what about if Snoke is just a code name like Darth so the Emperor can hide in the shadows ready to attack the Resistance in the final film.

And yes I know, there is alot of speculation around Supreme Leader Snoke being Darth Plaegeus. The Sith Lord Master of Palpatine who he murdered which was well estabalished in the Reveng of the Sith, so I'm crossing that theory off the list because we know nothing of the character. And the Palpalpatine theory seems more of an interesting turn to take on the new trilogy of films as a recurring villain like a certain immortality.

So what do you think to the Palpatine theory? Do you believe it's true, do you hope it is or isn't true? Tell me in the comments down below.


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