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Spoilers ahead.

Stop reading if you don't want to know what happens.

Star Wars: Episode VII is worth the surprises.

So stop.



Going once.

Going twice.

Okay then.

Star Wars has never been big on the idea of reincarnation...that we know of, any way, and it's something many people will write off without a second thought.

But I wonder if it's really so black and white when nothing else in the realm of Star Wars has ever been so?

There's a tornado of theories about who Rey is and what her purpose is in the newest installment in the trilogy (is she Luke's daughter? Leia and Hans youngest child? etc.), but I'd like to throw a new theory into the mix:

Rey - Anakin Skywalker incarnate.

1. Those midi-what-ians?

Darth Plagueis, as we learned in Episode III was the master of Darth Sidious, learned how to use the Dark Side to manipulate the midi-chlorians to create life.

The relevance of this is striking as we note the story of Anakin's conception in Episode I: "There was no father. I carried him. I gave birth to him..." That and his off the charts midi-chlorian count which surprised Qui-Gon Jin.

It's a series; everything is interwoven, and each installment of the series reveals deeply hidden plot details. This connected Episode I with Episode III, and seems to connect now with Episode VII.

Therefore, if Darth Plagueis created Anakin and Darth Sidious trained him, it's logical to assume they instilled in him lessons on the manipulation of the midi-chlorian. After all, Anakin was told of Plagueis by (then chancellor) Palpatine, "Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew. Then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. Ironic. He could save others from death, but not himself."

Also, Plagueis was know as Darth Plagueis The Wise, and it is said he manipulated the midi-chlorine to create life and save people. Perhaps he created Anakin to save the galaxy from his own apprentice and the Dark Side? Who knows, but the implications are powerful.

2. It was always Anakin's destiny to bring balance to The Force.

"Fully defeated by just anyone, the dark side cannot be, but only by the Chosen One. And who might be this Jedi? Know I do not, but not yet born is he or she. This much, sense I can. A vessel of pure Force the Chosen One will be, more powerful than any Jedi in history." -Yoda

We know this much: the Sith was vanquished when Darth Vader tossed Sidious into the abyss on the Death Star 2.0, thus sacrificing himself - the final Sith Lord.

Unfortunately, this did not extinguish the Dark Side itself (please note: The First Order and Supreme-Leader Snoke). Perhaps, as the Dark Side gains power once again in the thirty year gap between Vader's death and the rise of the The First Order, Anakin, now a part of the Force (as Jedi become once their body perishes), would feel the unbalance and...


3. "There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?" Snoke asks Kylo Ren.

Why would he pose this question?

Many, including my husband, think very singularly about the comment, suggesting it's a simple call to point out the fact that the Resistance has been searching for Luke and Rey is discovering her power.

The question ponders something much deeper, however, for two reasons:

1. It was posed to Kylo for a reason.

This man is obsessed with his grandfather

He believes it's his destiny to finish what Papa Vader couldn't, and he tries (quite obviously, as it's a scene in the film) to commune with Vader. It would make sense that he be queried on whether he's felt the awakening of Anakin's spirit.

2. When it was said.

Snoke isn't discussing this with Kylo Ren out of the blue; there is very specific timing and purpose to the awakening.

4. "Eternal life…"

"The ultimate goal of the Sith, yet they can never achieve it; it comes only through the release of self, not the exaltation of self. It comes through compassion, not greed. Love is the answer to the darkness." - Master Yoda

Yoda's own words suggest that Anakin might have achieved the very thing the Sith have set their sights on - eternal life. Truly, this was the seduction of Anakin to the Dark Side, and the deaths surrounding him were the catalyst for his transformation into Darth Vader. Therefore, would it not make sense that through his sacrifice of self and compassion for Luke in Episode VI, Anakin did achieve this goal?

When Kylo Ren communes with Vader (through meditating over his melted helmet), and asks Vader to show him the Dark Side once again, we might deduce that this has, indeed, awoken Anakin. And not only has he been awakened, he's come back in the form of a badass chick.

5. The Force is strong with this one...


The way in which The Force is channeled through Rey, however, comes completely out of the blue...almost like a force beyond herself takes hold of her mind.

There are no indications of her connection with or knowledge of The Force. At all. And then she's suddenly equally, if not more so, skilled in the ways of The Force as Kylo Ren. Odd. Very, very odd.

The way she calls him out on his weakness, "You're afraid you'll never be as powerful as Darth Vader" sounds suspiciously like something a cocky young Anakin might say.

6. The lightsaber calls to her.

It's as if the lightsaber senses the presence of its maker, Anakin; when she touches it, she's filled with visions of the past and future. As though it's filling filling in the blanks.

7. "I know about waiting..."

She certainly does. She's been waiting, she admits, for her family, though she's not sure who they are or where they're at. It isn't until she leaves Jakku that she discovers a purpose...and The Force.

Some might argue that she's been reconnected to her family because she's the daughter of one of the Skywalkers ("Luke, I am your daughter..."), but I see it as a deeper connection: the family she seeks is truly the children of Anakin himself.

8. Rey, pilot extraordinaire.

Hello, Anakin! It's like his Force Ghost possessed her when she hopped into the Falcon. Sure, she committed the cardinal sin and scratched it up a bit, (but who hasn't, really? The ship gets around) but she got the hang of it fast (and even pulled the old "hit the brakes" move to get the boggy into the correct position for blasting into oblivion).

Anakin was know for his killer piloting skills.

9. Rey, parts guru.

I don't know about you, but all I could see while Rey was cleaning up those scavenged parts in the sandy dunes of Jakku was a youngling slave, Anakin, working for Watto and dreaming of the adventures of pod racing.

The way she knows and understands what is wrong with the Falcon when she and Finn are flying toward the Rebel base proves this point further. Of course, I considered she might be Han's kid (his connection with the Falcon is powerful, after all), but he'd recall having a daughter (probably), and then Kylo would likely remember having a sister(probably).

Her own origins in a desert world not that dissimilar from Tatooine, suggest a strong connection with both Anakin and Luke's characters. Hell, anyone dropped off and abandoned to that world would feel pretty shitty and look for adventure beyond themselves.

10. Because, why not?

This is a plot twist that has yet to be experimented with in the Star Wars Galaxy, but the idea of fathers and siblings and grandfathers, now, is really overdone.

Either that...or Anakin was never really the Chosen One and this Rey lady is.

Ponder now, you will.


At the end of the day, no matter who Rey is and what her origins may be, she is a Force-endowed badass, and a powerful heroine.

Rock on.

Until May 2017!

*photo credit: Disney Studios and LucasFilms, LTD


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