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Michael Myers and Jason are horror movie legends, pop culture icons, the reason children (and adults) haven't been able to sleep for years. Now, you might think they're bad guys, and I'll admit they're far from saints. However, it's all about perspective. Mike and Jason are actually some pretty great dudes.

And here's why!

3. They Helped Out Science

You've got two sides to this one. Michael Myers has yet to die in a Halloween flick, despite being shot, burned, hung, stabbed, etc. Now this obviously defies logic, but Jason takes it a step further by dying and coming back to life on multiple occasions. So yeah, I'd imagine scientist are having a field day with the Halloween and Friday The 13th massacres.

2. They Changed Horror Movies

Horror flicks wouldn't be as awesome as they are today if it weren't for these two guys, and even to a further extent, Leatherface and Freddy Krueger. Michael Myers is literally the originator of every tough guy slasher cliché you know. And without Jason, the hockey mask would just be another average piece of sporting equipment. Gotta love these guys...

1. They Highly Encourage Safe Sex

These guys literally put themselves on the line every day just to encourage safe sex. They've taken tons of bullets, burnings, hangings, stabbings, and more, just to send out a positive message to people worldwide.

I think it's time we stopped thinking of Michael Myers and Jason as ruthless villains, when I've just proven they're simply looking out for the best in humanity.


Will you give Michael Myers and Jason another chance?


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