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OK I am back, just finished seeing the new star wars and I liked it alot. I am mad about a few things that had nothing to do with the movie it self the price. $31 dollors for a non imax 3D movie is crazy! OK got that off my chest. The movie had some strong points and some weak one's too. The strong points the new characters like Rey was great finally the female cosplayers and fan's have, A new female role model she was kick ass in the movie.

Finn was equally a great character with a bit of humor added to his role. I liked Poe as the x-wing leader and the actor. The mix of old and new characters was excellent. Seeing the old star wars cast was great. Kylo was a good villian. My only problem with the movie was I feel it was a remix of a new hope. This movie was done for the next generation of Star wars fan's that are new too the star wars universe. Which is cool there was one other thing that i didn't like but that's a spoiler alert so I will keep that one to myself. JJ Abrams did a spectacular job I give it 5 stars, the force awakens is better than espsoide 1 equal to 2, not better than 3 but close. Still can't touch 4,5,6 classics!

As a stand alone movie I will give it a 5 stars because it's a great beginning for the next new chapter of Star wars movie's.


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