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Good article, Eleanor, I agree with all of it. I was originally thinking myself clever in connecting so many lines between Rey and Luke in speculating her being his daughter; however, the time differentiation is a critical repellent to the idea. To me, Rey seemed not yet in her twenties, more like Luke was 17 in "A New Hope," another connection beyond all the obvious (like her innate piloting skills, color theme, speeder, planet, upbringing, and apparent lack of bodily fear). Upon reading your article, however, I am compelled to agree in a hope with you, that she is a new and refreshing addition to the Star Wars tale. Unfortunately, Star Wars movies have always revolved around one, unanimous theme: Skywalker. Yoda, even ". . . after 900 years . . ." died with Skywalker on his lips. I was speculating: it's been 30+ years A.B.Y. and -- pure speculation -- that leaves about 30 years for Luke to try and reestablish the Jedi order, in which, Jasen -- I mean, Ben -- would have been born and had time to mature. Perhaps. . . Actually, scratch all of that -- there are two coincidences here I feel compelled to throw into the Darth Palegieus theory: The name "Ren" and the "Knight's of Ren" sounding, oh so gamely familiar; and Kylo Ren's mask being fashioned after, if not down-right IS, Darth Revan's mask. And we all know how pesky Darth ghosts can be; down-right impossible to kill. Perhaps this "Snoke" (I'm sorry, but that name is NEVER going to grow on, nor inspire fear, in me), is some dark lord from the past; an experiment, a cloning, gone wrong from Palpatine's reign. Maybe I just lost my readers here, but, ". . . There is no such thing as coincidence. Only the Force."



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