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Apparently Wonder Woman is still looking for her Mama. No seriously, the Wonder Woman standalone movie still is looking to fill the role of Princess Diana's mother, Hippolyta. It was rumored that Nicole Kidman was in negotiation to play the Queen of the Amazons in the new Wonder Woman movie.

Nicole Kidman was rumored to be Hippolyta

However when the official casting was released for the Wonder Woman movie Nicole was no were to be found.

Wonder Woman cast
Wonder Woman cast

Some speculated that it was possible that Nicole and Warner Bros were still in negotiations. However, according to Variety via twitter they may already be looking for a replacement for Nicole.

As you know Kidman's dates didn't work out so they are trying to figure out whether to just give Robin Wright that role or find another star.

And for those that thought Robin Wright was already given the role of Hippolyta.....think again.

Don't know what role Wright currently has but it isn't Hippolyta like others believed, it's actually another role.

I personally do not feel Robin would be a great Hippolyta. Don't get me wrong Robin is a great actress but Amazons and specifically Hippolyta has always been portrayed as a tall woman; always standing eye to eye with Wonder Wonder. At 5' 6" Robin falls short of the Amazonian stature. Gal Gadot, the actress that is playing Wonder Woman, is 5' 10" tall.

The Trinity

Land of the Giants
Land of the Giants

As you can see the Amazonian Princess will stand as tall as Batman and Superman in the DC Extended Universe. It would only make sense for Wonder Woman's mother to be just as tall. But who has the height, beauty and acting chops to be the Queen of the Amazons? I'm glad you asked. Here are my four casting suggestions to Warner Bros.

4. Famke Janssen

At 6' 0" tall Famke definitely would be believable as an Amazon. Her experience in the X-Men universe as Jean Grey doesn't hurt. And in the comics Hippolyta has been a blonde and a brunette.

3. Rebbeca Romijn

You will also recognize Rebecca from the X-Men universe as Mystique. She dawned the blue body paint before Jennifer Lawrence for you youngsters. Her familiarity with the comic book movie genre is a plus. Rebecca stands at a Amazonian like 5' 11" tall.

2. Charlize Theron

What role would Charlize not be perfect for at any height? The acting chops are undeniable and at 5' 10" tall she could look Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman eye to eye. What Charlize did as Furiosa in Mad Max could land her another Oscar. In fact she won an Oscar for her performance in Monster which was directed by Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins. But even with all the accolades that Charlize has I still think there is one actress that would be a better fit.

1. Uma Thurman

Uma would make the perfect Hippolyta. At the extra ordinary height of 5' 11" tall Uma would fit right in on Paradise Island. A very good actress as well. And one thing that people do not talk about when referencing Hippolyta is that she is a warrior. Who ever takes on the role of the Amazonian Queen is going to have to possess the skills to come off as a believable warrior. Uma showed warrior like skills in Kill Bill.

Uma Thurman kicks butt in Kill Bill

Those are my suggestions. And now that Nicole Kidman seems to be completely out of the running for Hippolyta I am sure you have your own suggestions. Or do you agree with my fan casting? Please share your thoughts below.


Who do you think should play Hippolyta?

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