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Do Not Read Ahead if you have not watched SW Episode 7 - The Force Awakens - Spoilers Ahead.

Again, this post has Spoilers.

"Do you believe this is the prophesied one, the one that will bring balance to the Force?"

The theory that Rey is a Skywalker has yes circulated for sometime, mainly based on the Lucasfilm Story Group Star Wars accepted canon - yet, as we know that is now an alternate Galaxy ... Far, far, away.

While Episode 7 offered up "clues" that would lead the non-detective down the rabbit hole of concluding - ergo, "Luke's daughter", there was one clue every article I've read has missed. The Force "chose" her - it has "chosen" Rey - it called out to her and led her straight to that mystical and ancient weapon. The words echoed clearly through Maz Kanata and in the interactions between Rey and Ren offered up the most compelling evidence - especially during the climactic fight.

Yet, there's one last piece of evidence which lingers - the moment that Ren attempted to use telekinesis to retrieve his grandfather's/uncle's Lightsaber. He couldn't and it went straight to Rey. The only "Sword in the Stone" fitting evidence that lends towards a "Luke's New Hope" bloodline.

So, I tether between two hopes tied by one strong string: A. That Rey was born the same way Anakin was, meaning without a father; B. That Rey is Luke's daughter. Yet, regardless of father or family - that she is the Chosen One, the "prophesied one", the one that will bring balance to the Force.

If you echo this hypothesis - give credit where it is due - AJ Cabrera.


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