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I've actually watched all of the Star Wars movies and I have no real connection with them. Basically, I just watch and I enjoy it and then...I move forward with my life. Please don't hate me, it's the truth. I don't think it's indifference, I just found them entertaining and that's it. To be objective, I really think J.J. Abrams did a good job with this one. This is in comparison against his flashy version of Star Trek, not the original Episode IV to VI. A lot of "purist" Star Wars fans are disappointed with Abrams lack of originality but we have to see for it what it is, it's a movie made by a fan for the fans.

When I look at my Facebook feed (where all the action is), a lot folks seem to be ecstatic with The Force Awakens, but when you dissect their less than 140 character review of the movie, all you will read is a couple one liners that just says "It was awesome". The question really is, why was it awesome?

Nerds are baffled that the plot is exactly the same as Episode IV and I will not disagree on that. But, can anybody really make an original Star Wars plot? George Lucas tried with Episode I to III, however, this second attempt was a disaster that his own followers have somehow erased in their heads that he created the series in the first place. Sure we could blame Jar Jar, but really a love story?! A death of a lover, that was it? That's how Darth Vader became one the coolest villains in cinematic history? Very Shakespearean don't you think?

So, can anybody really do a better Star Wars movie that can surpass its predecessor? Excluding of course Episode I to III. If you ask me, I think Abrams did just fine, it was an experience, in someway he brought that back. Lucas lacked this phenomenal feeling of exploration in his last Star Wars movies and I think Abrams knew this, that's why he focused on bringing the magic back. I think at the end of the day, you go to a movie to feel some kind of magic in your life and this movie is all about that.


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