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DC CGI Universe (with theatrical Release and a High Budget) Mask Of The Phantasm Re-Release in theatres (not limited this time) DC MARVEL Crossover Movies (preferably Batman and superman VS Iron Man And Captain America Then Justice League Vs Avengers Then DC VS MARVEL) Amalgam Cinematic Universe DC/MARVEL Cinematic Universe A And B (The Best Heroes In A And The Worst Heroes In B) (No Equivalent Characters In the Same Universe) Never let actors to write the films they star in (Ben Affleck) (Get Chris Terrio or David S Goyer Instead) Get good casting directors that have cast at least Oscar nominated films (If not let the director cast and it has to be a good director) have one person in charge the cinematic Universe (like Kevin fiegy) (not a director) There should be a very short time in-between films (at least two years) Have a TV Animated Universe Every 20 years after the start of the first one Have game Universe for all the DC characters A game for the Main Members of the Justice League aswell as a Game for Every Super Hero Team that is popular Have every comic ever published By the company available on Digital as well as every Comic company ever bought DC/Marvel Game Have every DC Character in the public domain and label every comic in the Main Continuity Canon Have all behind the scenes and interview available with the product being sold Make Documentary's On Amazing workers for the company and make them for all the movies, TV Shows and Specials that did and didn't get made


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