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My favourite video game is Mortal Kombat and my favourite films are Marvel films and Star Wars films
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Star Wars The force Awakens is the best star wars movie to date alongside Empire Strikes Back. I am going to do my review on the film. Lets get started.

The Force Awakens is the long awaited sequel to Return Of The Jedi. Set thirty years after the battle of Endor and the destruction of the second death star, Luke Skywalker is the last remaining Jedi and has disappeared. A new sith organisation called The First Order has been formed through the remains of the fallen Galactic Empire and they seek to eliminate Luke from the republic but The Resistance, led by his sister Leia, who is now a general, oppose them while searching for him.

The film has got a great cast of characters, both old and new with many of your favorites returning from the original trilogy. We are introduced to three new leads, a scavenger named Rey, who has been abandoned on the planet Jakku by her family, Finn, a former member of the first order who decides to escape and become a force of good and Poe Dameron, an X-Wing pilot who is a member of The Resistance. We also meet Kylo Ren/Ben Solo, a former member of the Knights of Ren and the commander of the first order and the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa and BB-8, a ball droid owned by Poe Dameron. Other characters include General Hux, Captain Phasma, Supreme Leader Snoke and Maz Kanata.

The film also has several nods to A New Hope. Poe Dameron giving a map to BB-8 refers to Leia giving a message to R2 D2 to deliver to Obi-Wan Kenobi, Rey uses her mind trick on one of the stormtroopers to set her free from her cell refers to Obi Wan using his mind trick on two stormtroopers on the way to Mos Eisley Cantina, The destruction of Starkiller Base refers to the destruction of the two death stars, Kylo Ren being seduced to the dark side is a nod to his grandfather Anakin Skywalker AKA Darth Vader being seduced by Palpatine.

The film also has many surprises and cameos. Daniel Craig appears as the Stormtrooper who Rey uses the mind trick on. Although both characters are dead, Obi-Wan and Yoda's voices can be heard in Rey's flashback. Admiral Ackbar and Nien Nunb can be seen with the Resistance.

What I like about the film are the characters, story and the spirit of the original trilogy. It has brought back the heart and soul of the previous films that everybody loves and grew up with. I give the film 10 out 10.

I can't wait for Star Wars Episode 8. On my wishlist for the sequel is Chewbacca remaining on the Resistance with Rey as the new co-pilot on the Millennium Falcon, More buddy action with Finn and Poe, Whether Rey is Luke's daughter as it has been rumored, Han coming back in a way, shape or form, more action with Kylo Ren and Rey's backstory and who her family are.

So that is my review on Star Wars The Force Awakens. What do you guys think of my review and wishlist for the sequel. What would you like to see in the sequel. Please leave a comment below, share your ideas and let me know.


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