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“ I fully expect the next trailer to attempt to outwit us even further“

( REVEALED: Ben Affleck's Batman Is the Biggest Plot Twist Since Darth Vader as Anakin Skywalker! On October 19th, 2015 at 1:25am)

1. What is the Situation ?

2. Special Thanks

3. The curious case of The dark knight returns

4. Bale's statement

5. New Evidences

6. Trailer on 3 December 2015: Refutation

7. Conclusion


1. What is the Situation ?

It is a continuation of article “REVEALED: Ben Affleck's Batman Is the Biggest Plot Twist Since Darth Vader as Anakin Skywalker! “ from link , it is also called of “The thesis”.

The thesis of the plot twist stands up that there is a plot twist in DC Cinematic universe.

- Ben Affleck's batman isn't Bruce Wayne, but Deathstroke's batman (Slade Wilson a.k.a Deathstroke).

- Jeremy irons is Wintergreen, Slade's butler.

- Jenna Malone is Rose Wilson, Slade's daughter.

- There are a lot more surprises.

The thesis became a big success around the world. From Asia to America, millions of people read the thesis and like it. The thesis had the coverage of various media that have reported the success, as a big American journal.

As I had foreseen, they created a new trailer where the thesis supposedly would be wrong.

Thus, I am creating this new text with a video to refute the trailer.If there is a plot twist they will try to hide it.

The video has 360p and 720p HD. I advise you to jump to sixty section and to use 306p. Let the video loading while you read the rest of the text, after you return and see the entire video.

If you have a good connection you can try use 720p HD, don't forget to let the video loading.

2. Special Thanks

I would like to thank everybody for their understanding, cooperation, emails, messages, commentaries, etc.

I would like to take the opportunity to apologize for some people. I'm learning English, so sometimes I cannot express what I'm wanting to say, but I'm getting better. I had no intention of offending anyone.

3. The curious case of The dark knight returns

Many people are comparing Batman V Superman with The dark knight returns, but The dark knight returns of frank miller is totally different from BvS:

  • In The dark knight returns Batman and Superman know each other by more than 20 years.
  • In BvS it doesn't happen.
  • In The dark knight returns there is no wonder woman, there is no aquaman, there is no Lex luthor, there is no cyborg, there is no flash.
  • In BvS there are all these superheroes.
  • In The dark knight returns batman uses a blue suit with a mask that covers your mouth (as if it were a spider man mask).
  • In BvS it doesn't happen.
  • In The dark knight returns there is the green arrow (Oliver Queen).
  • In BvS it doesn't happen.
  • In The dark knight returns show the last encounter of batman and superman, after that batman fakes his death.
  • In BvS shows the first encounter and after that will come the "Justice League".

So ... we can see that BvS and The dark knight returns are totally different. The dark knight returns is an alternative (else-world) comic book of 1986.

4. Bale's statement

Christian bale spoke about “The Thesis”. He said :


Obviously, if there is a plot twist, the intention would be to hide it. When Marion cotillard was asked if she was Talia she denies, but she was Talia. But even so he left open the question in saying that Ben is playing Batman ... of course, but in comic books Batman has a lot of alter egos.

5. New Evidences

There are a lot of new evidences and I want to share with you.

- We see a “J” on the face of Robin in the game Arkham Night. We also see a "J" on the face of Jared leto .

It is further evidence that Jared leto was a Robin.

- There is an easter egg in the Man of steel battle, pointing out that Bizarro will be the villain of next movie. Zod turns Superman's body and the camera focuses on the Zod's eye where appears an inverted “S” , the Bizarro symbol.

- Below, we can see another evidence that Ben affleck is Deathstroke. Both are in a Gothic city, standing up on the edge of the building (blue arrows) with horizontal stripes (red arrows) and their capes are swinging under their arms.

- On 30 November 2015, they released a trailer . I said, in the thesis that the scene in the desert could be a dream, but apart from this we have an unmasked batman. The scene is very similar when Deathstroke's batman was unmasked in "the Outsiders" comic book :

- We also can see a Superman staring in the batman cowl. He's ignoring Ben affleck and focusing in the batman.

- We can see another evidence that Nolan trilogy will be used in line with DC cinematic universe.

Towards the end of the movie The Dark Knight Rises . In the car of Robin the following Easter Egg will be displayed :

It looks like the Batcave Coordinates, but there is something more.

It's also a date, 8/22/77 or 22 August 1977. From this date until the dark knight rises was released ( 27 July 2012) having spent 34 years. Note that there is a “34 degrees” in the “coordinates”.

What does that mean?

The first thing you should know: This is direct link to Harley Quinn.

Many people therefore mistakenly think that Harley Quinn was created in the batman animated series.

Original Harley Quinn was released in August 1977 , Teen titans 49. Note that there is “49” lurking in the “coordinates”.

The 18 and 1 are the pages where the action is happening.

In That story, Robin meets original Harley queen which claims to be Joker's daughter !

All of this is further evidence that Robin John blake will meet Harley queen in a next movie .

6. Trailer on 3 December 3 : Refutation

It is impossible to refute only with image and text. Therefore, I created a video with a complete analysis of trailer and the situation. You must see the whole video.

7. Conclusion

As can be seen, it is totally possible to happen a plot twist in DC Cinematic universe.

When you see the movie playing, you will be able to understand if there is a plot twist or not, but until that day comes the thesis is valid.


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