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Late last year Disney announced to launch a second "Star Wars" Saga titled "Star Wars: Anthology". These movies are set in multiple different eras of the Star Wars franchise and offer a great possibility for expanding on multiple characters and events shown or mentioned throughout the franchise.

So here is an idea for a Star Wars spin-off set within the current canon as dictated by Disney.

"Star Wars Anthology: Falcon" (Han Solo centric Prequel)


Matt Davis as Han Solo (not only an actor that looks like Ford but also has the talent to pull it off)

Peter Mayhew or a tall stuntman as Chewbacca

Temuera Morrison as Boba Fett

Kevin Michael Richardson as Jabba the Hutt

Michael B. Jordan as Lando Calrissian

Michael C. Hall as Rebel Officer Hatkin

Act I: The movie starts out on Solo's home planet of Cordilla, a five year old Han is introduced to us as the son of a local farmer. But the young boy tends more to enjoying flying his fathers small ship than doing actual farm work. One tragic night however Solo's boring life comes to an end as an elderly man hastily knocks on the farms door, Solo's father offers the distraught man shelter but they soon hear war sounds coming from the closely located military base. The wounded man begs Han's father to hide him somewhere and he complies, hiding the man in a cellar. Suddenly clone troopers storm the building, obviously chasing for the old man. Now we discover what is going on: the Order 66. As the clones discover and murder the Jedi they immediately aim at Hans father and shoot. As a clone aims at young Han it becomes clear how ruthless the empire already was in its early incarnation. As the clone aims at Hans head we hear a roar from the outside, quickly the clones are shot down by an unseen entity. The shooter slowly approaches the door and enters. Turns out Hans life was saved by a Wookie, not just any Wookie but our beloved Chewbacca (shortly after waving Yoda goodbye on Kahsyyk during the end of Episode 3). Young Han, devestated by his loss, doesn't know what to think as the big hairy beast approaches him. Chewie quickly notices the dead body of Hans father. In a moment of compassion Chewie reaches his paw towards Han who grabs it. This showcases that Han and Chewie held a deeper relationship than just "Pet and Master" but actually held a father-son relationship to each other, invisible to us as we don't speak Wookie. Chewie leads Han to his ship, the last shot of the first act is Chewie and Han flying off to the stars.

Act II: 20 years later we're confronted with a quick space chase between an older ship and a Tie Fighter. In the chased older ship we see Han who is recklessly enjoying the ride, next to him sits Chewie in a dissaproving manner. Obviously Han escapes the Tie Fighter and lands safely on Tatooine where we meet a few old buddies of ours, namely Jabba and Boba Fett who take the cargo Han transported. The relationship between Jabba and Han appears to be amicable although based on respect and fear while Han and Boba have an antagonistic relationship. Back in Jabbas palace we witness an act of cruelty from Jabba towards a bounty hunter that dared to dissapoint him, Han shruggs it off. He still is very much part of Jabba's inner circle. But all that is about to change as the next returning Smuggler returns without the promised goods. His explaination? Stolen from a rogue group of space pirates. Jabba obviously disposes of the Smuggler by having Boba Fett eliminate him but later offers a sizable reward to every Bounty Hunter in his cantina: whoever returns the mysterious McGuffin to Jabba shall recieve a prize worthy of kings. Han and Chewie, being the fortune hunters they always are, are up in arms about that opportunity despite the heavy competition.

Act III: Arriving at the Smugglers crash landed ship Han and Chewie attempt to gather the last coordinates of the ship before being shot down. However Greedo interfers and threatens to kill Han if Chewie doesn't hand over the coordinates. Obviously Chewie complies and gets Han back as Greedo leaves with the coordinates. However Han and Chewie follow Greedos ship (with respectable distance of course) only to be gunned down by an Imperial Troop. Chewie, Greedo and Han are taken captive by the Empire while their ships are destroyed. Han uses his time in the cell to get the coordinates back from Greedo but before he can get to them the Imperial Ship is attacked and eventually brought down by no other ship than Boba Fett's Slave I. Fett, also after the reward, quickly disposes of the few Stormtroopers while Han and Chewie run off, in a quick battle with Greedo Han gets the ships black box and thus the coordinates. Chewie and Han however lack a ship to escape in with, only Boba's Slave I appears a viable option, leaving Boba on the crashing ship is more than okay for Han.

Act IV: Arriving at the ships last known location the two follow the remaining heat trail potentially left from the pirates. Following the trail however doesn't lead them to a small fleet of pirates but a giant star destroyer, not one used by the empire though. Upon getting captured it becomes clear that the "pirates" were actually parts of (a very early incarnation of) the rebellion. After proving to not be loyal to the Empire Han and Chewie are led to the ships commanding officer. Han makes it clear that he has no intention to either help or hurt the Rebellion and is only after the mysterious cargo Jabba wanted so badly. The Officer leads them to the cargo hold where they discover the content of Jabba's cargo: it's the upper body of a seemingly dead and frozen Darth Maul. Solo obviously unaware of who Maul was gets a crash course from the Officer on the dark side. Solo, as unbelieving as always, shrugs the idea of the dark side of the force off but Chewie knows that something is off. The Officer informs Solo that while dead, the Sith Lords remains going to Jabba indicated his loyalities to the Empire, something Solo doesn't really believe. On his way out back to Slave I (considering Boba's ship the only trophy of this trip) he encounters a young Smuggler named Lando Calrissian and his ship. Stunned by the Millenium Falcons design. Calriassian, obviously proud of his baby, jokingly says that if Solo saved his life in the next few minutes the ship would be Solo's, never believing that this would ever really happen. But Lando isn't the luckiest of all guys as the rebel ship is attacked by a fleet of imperial soldiers.

Act V: Quickly it becomes evident that Boba helped the remaining Empire Troops to locate the ship thanks to a tracking device implanted in Slave I. As the Stormtroopers board the ship Han saves Landos life, the sheer impossible to hold back army of Troopers forces the remaining rebels, Han, Chewie and Lando to retreat to the ships lower deck. Knowing that they won't be able to hold back the Storm Troopers from entering the lower are forever the ships Officer begs Solo to find the Cargo holding Maul and another box and getting it away from the Empire as far as possible. Suddenly the Troopers break through and the Officer is killed, in shock Solo agrees to take Mauls corpse somewhere safe. But first he has to make it to the Cargo hold. After a lenghty fight and sneak sequence Han, Chewie and Lando make their way to the Cargo Hold where Boba Fett is seen adding some synthetic legs to Maul's seemingly lifeless body. Solo makes a few comments about how weird all the drama around a dead body is while fighting Boba Fett, after Fett is knocked down another Emperial Star Destroyer appears aiding the already present troops. The fight seems lost but Lando has one last plan: on his ship he has a bomb capable of destroying the Star Destroyers fusion core. The three rush back to the Falcon, however Lando is knocked out, forcing Solo and Chewie to go on the suicide mission on their own. Like a miracle the two manage to fight their way to the core and get back to the Falcon in time but soon the next drama threatens to go down: the rebel ship is exploding any minute witht he surviving rebels and Lando still on board. In a moment of heroism Solo and Chewie speed their way on the rebel ship to board the survivors, already down to crash and second a quick last brawl between Fett and Solo happens. Afterwards Solo manages to maneuver the Falcon out of the crashing ship in time, unfortunately Fett makes it out in Slave I too. The movie ends with Lando in debt and friendship handing over the Falcon to Han and them taking Jabba's cargo (now closed, no one knows if the content is still in there) back to Tatooine. Jaba gratefully hands Solo the reward, as Han flies off into the sunset Jabba opens the container only to find it empty. A loud "SOLO" is heard setting up the rivalry between the two characters in the Original Trilogy.

Mid-Credits Sequence: But what of Maul's remains? We see the crashed Star Destroyer in the back as a dark hooded figure marches towards the camera, the figure is seen having synthetic legs. As the character turns around menacingly Maul is revealed to still be alive. *Cut to Black*

The films budget: not only is the whole idea based on small scale but also features less neccessary actors, thus turning the whole thing a little cheaper for Disney to produce (win-win)


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