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Before you start reading, I would like to say that I love Ben Affleck. I have watched almost every movie he has been in and his acting is ingenious on so many levels. I am not writing this article to hate on his acting skills, I am writing this article to hate on the Batman he is. Adam West was our cheeky, yet strict voiced Batman that everyone loved, Michael Keaton was perfect with his dark and mysterious portrayal of the knight, Val Kilmer gave us sort of an emotional appeal to the Bat, and Christian Bale acted as a realistic version of our favorite vigilante. Then there was George Clooney... Need I say anymore. I know what you are thinking, George Clooney's Batman made every Batman fan alive want to throw up... But he was a good Bruce Wayne wasn't he?

Everyone is basing Ben Affleck's Batman off of his ideal appearance to be a perfect Bruce Wayne. Batman is not a one sided character, neither is any other superhero that has a double identity. Like Clark Kent is Superman, Bruce Wayne needs to be Batman, you can't have one without the other. Now, plenty could say that Bruce Wayne isn't Batman and Superman isn't really Clark Kent, he is who is when he takes off the glasses, Superman. But I can argue that Batman is a huge part of Bruce Wayne, he is Batman when he puts on the mask and that is my point. Can Ben Affleck be both?

Now that is merely one reason why I am skeptical about Ben Affleck being Batman, but there are plenty of others.

Remember this GUY?????
Remember this GUY?????

Health Ledger. I am not mentioning him because his acting was terrible, I am mentioning him because his acting was perfect. Health Ledger called up Nolan saying that he wanted to cast for Joker and it had to be one of Nolan's best choices to accept him for the role. Not a lot of people were in agreement on the fact that Health was going to play the Joker, in fact to such an extent that some fans protested against the movie even being in theaters. Heck! Excuse my french, not even Jack Nicholson was okay with this. That put a lot of pressure on Health, but in the end he created the perfect Joker for the Dark Knight. You are probably thinking the Health didn't create the Joker and I am not saying he created the "original" Joker, but he literally put blood, sweat, and makeup into his acting. He actually created the Joker as a character and he put so much passion into it, that it is one-of-a-kind. To this day I still have a strong believe that if the Gotham Universe was real, that is exactly how the Joker would be, because Health gave us such a convincing performance.

How does this fit into the article at hand? Well, Ben Affleck called up Nolan, said he wanted to play the part, he did his thing, and BAM!!! He was casted for Batman, but my issue isn't so much that Ben Affleck won't act the part correctly, but that he will make Batman something he isn't. At least Health Ledger incorporated certain things into his portrayal of the Joker so that we may know who it is the moment we saw him in those first few ten minutes of screening. IN my opinion, Ben doesn't really relate to the role that he has taken on and although he is a good actor, I can't expect him to understand exactly what Batman should be for this upcoming movie. Henry Cavil had those few attributes that made us say "Holy SH**! That guy is superman", the moment we saw him on screen.

Recently in an article I read on CinemaBlend, there is a statement from Ben Affleck pertaining to his character as Batman. He says this:

He’s on the verge of being swallowed up by the anger and the rage that we see haunt this character in the other manifestations of it. But this guy is further down the line and has become more embittered and cynical.

I don't understand where Ben is coming from this. I have yet to see a Batman that is consumed entirely by Rage and Anger. Yes, Batman has been incensed by many things in the previous movies, but he has never allowed that to consume him. If you have read the article I previously posted analyzing Batman as a character, I believe I had mentioned that the reason Batman is so different from other Superheroes is because he does what they can't. He can be vicious when he has to be, but he never allows his rage and anger to consume him to such an extent that his "embittered and cynical", if that was the case he wouldn't be the Batman we know and love. This is why I am questioning Ben Affleck's performance on this character, he can play plenty of other roles, but can he live up to this one. I don't want him to distort Batman's personality in such a way that we don't recognize him for who is... A hero.

Batman isn't meant to be shown as a psychologically deranged millionaire in a Bat costume, we see him by ourselves alone as that because he is a millionaire with parent issues and he obviously needs some psychiatric help; But with versions of Batman found in the past, such as The Dark Knight or Michael Keaton's Batman you will find that the Bruce Wayne we know is in turmoil and he puts himself in turmoil every night to defend the city because of his past experiences with crime, he could be insane, but past portrayals don't show that insanity in such a way that we don't recognize the character.

I am excited to see the Batman v.s. Superman movie, but I will remain skeptical because I haven't seen it yet and with statements such as the one listed above, I can only hope that I see the Batman we all have come to know and love when we watch that movie.


What do you think of Ben Affleck's Batman?


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