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I'm a huge Star Wars geek if you can't see from my Boba Fett picture. I also love Deadpool, Batman and a lot of the Marvel Cinematic Univers

We all experienced the hype, the anticipation and the teasing of this ultimate comeback and it delivered. I laughed, I cried and I want some more!

However, it isn't an entirely perfect movie either. There are some issues particularly with some of the characters. Finn, actually didn't deliver as I expected. However, it is a brilliant scheme in showing off the movie. Advertising one character as the main focus and throwing the audience a curveball with another instead.

You may find a lot of people complaining about Kylo Ren. The only problem I have with Kylo Ren is some...ahem...UNFORGIVABLE things as a villain. Seriously, what he does makes Ms. Umbrage look like a Patron Saint for Good Deeds. However, I enjoy how complicated his character is and the circumstances that surround it. People will complain about how close to Hayden Christiansen-esque acting. Kylo Ren is what Anakin Skywalker should have been like in my opinion. You'll just have to watch it to find out what I'm talking about, but trust me: Kylo Ren does share his badass moments along with his more dramatic moments.

BB-8 is not the next Jar Jar Binks...THANK THE FORCE!!! BB-8 is actually a fun character and she isn't annoying like I predicted. She's not a copy of R2 either, she's a whole new character that brings joy and much-needed pace-setting within the story. (No need to fear, it isn't FIFA product placement.)

There are many memorable characters within this movie. There really isn't one character I legitimately dislike...except you Kylo. However, that also reflects how the acting is perfect for Star Wars. I also found that some of the elements in Force Awakens is actually a throwback to the original Star Wars back when Han Solo was a green-skinned lizard man.

The humor is great as well. It didn't get goofy like Guardians of Galaxy did, but it didn't take itself too seriously like a Zack Snyder film. I actually found some of the dialogue to be very similar to Marvel's humor. However a lot of it can be similar to lines such as "Into the chute, flyboy" or "I'd rather kiss a wookie." The humor isn't distracting, it's frosting on the cake.

The action is great as well. Something the prequels lacked was action that would engage the audience. The Force Awakens' slow moments are strictly breaks from the amount of action that there is. In fact, I'm positive that this is the most fast-paced action-packed movie out of all the Star Wars'.

Many might say that this movie made it's money from the nostalgia and hype. That might be true, but I can also say that this movie's rewatchability is very high. If I ever have kids, this will be the movie I will never tire of watching with them.


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