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First off, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the greatest movie ever! It was not a perfect movie, but with all the hype that surrounded the release and somehow the movie managed to exceed the hype in terms of quality; astounding( I saw it on the 19th of December and I am going back on the 21st). I look at the upcoming slate of both Marvel/DC movies and one can only speculate at what A-list talent either company will acquired. Gone, are the days that some highly sought after actor will say no to a role and now almost any major character are coveted in the industry. This list will include the character, possible actors,top pick, and why I think that actor should play that character. ( Reminders! I love to know what you think, so let me know if I am right,wrong, or completely mental! Also all actors acting in their respected universe is excluded from acting in the other E.g Ben Affleck is playing Batman in the DCEU therefore he cannot play Adam Warlock in the MCU. Jennifer Lawrence plays Mystique in Fox's MCU, therefore she is not free to play in the DCEU and MCU (unless no longer under contract). I am trying not to make this confusing.)

Norman Osborn- Marvel

Possible- Joaquin Phoenix, Bradley Cooper, Bryan Cranston, Matthew Mcconaughey

Why- This is Spider-Man's big bad, and we as an audience are bored with this character. I have little doubt that Marvel will not bring this character back (They are and will do a great job) and Marvel needs the biggest and best name. Norman is a psycho, and he is very, very wealthy. You need someone that can pull off that big ego and a sensitive side for his son Harry. I believe this actor could finally deliver a goblin that could contend for worst in the Marvel universe. This actor can do anything and still young enough to partake in the fun for a long time.

Top Pick- Bradley Cooper( Enough Said) The biggest problem of trying to attain actors of this caliber? Money and interest for the role. Yes he was Rocket ( only in voice),but Paul Bettany voiced Jarvis, and then became the Vision, so anything is possible. ( He is too big to say no)

Captain Marvel ( Marvel)

Possible- Rebecca Ferguson, Emily Blunt, Jennifer Lawrence, Olivia Wilde

Why- This is without a doubt, the most pressured role I can see in the upcoming future. Whoever plays Carol Danvers better be ready to be Marvel's first female lead movie and the financial pressures associated with the role. If the movie fails ( let us not think about that), if the movie succeeds then we can hopefully look forward to more Marvel characters receiving their own film. All of these actresses are amazing, but yet only one name in all of show business can instill confidence in any studio. She will be finish with all her franchises by the time they announce the role, and her resemblance is uncanny.

Top Pick- Jennifer Lawrence, if the MCU can attain her, then they could have her play her for ten years since she only be 29 by the time it comes out.

Wolverine(X-23)- Fox's MCU

Possible- Kristen Stewart, Nina Dorbrev, Lily Collins, Bitsie Tulloch

Why- This character would be awesome if Fox introduce her after Wolvie's final movie. I am sure that they could bring him back at any time, and these two could get along in some weird father-daughter sort of relationship. X-23 would have a lot of the same characteristic as Logan, ( Audiences like familiar)but her being a clone would be awesome to tackle. The actor better be the best at what she does because there will be a huge amount of pressure on this role. The actor better have an intense smolder, and also enough acting chops to make her not a joke. The actress I picked, could kill in this role.

Top Pick- Kristen Stewart

Janet Van Dyne ( Marvel)

Possible- Angelina Jolie, Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Beckinsale

Why- Anyone of these actresses could be Hope's mom, remember she went into the quantum verse in 1987 when Hope was 8. I do believe that Marvel will bring this character to the screen for the simple reason, drama. Hope's mom has all ready a lot of hype to deal with after the first foray in Ant-Man. She has to be kind,strong,smart, and more important brave. Hope's mom teaching her about the Wasp suit, yes please and when Hank sees her again( tear,tear) after forty years of being apart.

Top Pick- Jennifer Aniston, she would be amazing in this kind movie.

Raven (DC)

Possible- Rose Leslie, Alicia Vikander, Emma Stone, Nicola Peltz

Why- This character could be introduce in multiple different ways and the DCEU would be so much better because of her. She is obviously half-demon and she would make an awesome addition to Justice League Dark, or DC could just introduce her with the Teen Titans. I believe that Enchantress will perish in Suicide Squad, or even better these two heavy-weights could battle in a movie, and the battle would be something we have never seen. This actress must be incredibly talented to straddle the line between good and evil. Also a big part of this character would be the voice and her body type ( small, but powerful) because DC loves to dress up their women in very, very revealing costumes.

Top Pick- Alicia Vikander

Mera (DC)

Possible- Bryce Dallas Howard, Jessica Chastain, Rebecca Ferguson, Kate Mara

Why- Oh Mera, queen of the sea and all things really bad-ass. This actress has to pull off royalty and a Ronda Rousey (Holly Holm?) vibe while being stunning. The fans still do not know how fully form Aquaman will be entering the DCEU. One of these actresses and Khal Drogo could have a lot of fun introducing Atlantis. This actress must have the acting action chops and also an open schedule due to the fact she will be in multiple movies(She better be). Mera is one of the most powerful beings in all of DC's lore.

Top Pick- Rebecca Ferguson

Green Arrow (DC)

Possible- Leonard Dicaprio, Charlie Hunham, Tom Hardy, Eddie Redmayne

Why- After Luthor's comments recently about Queen's Industries, I now have hope that we will see the Emerald Archer in the DCEU. Anyone of these actors would make a wonderful Oliver. I love the show and I would like the actor playing him on the big screen to be different than the CW's. Oliver, the one in the comics is bit of a goofball, and I would love to see this actor transform himself into the Green Arrow. I really do believe he has the acting range and look to nail Oliver Queen. This actor would be an unconventional choice, but I believe he will give us the most interesting version of the Arrow.

Top Pick- Eddie Redmayne

Thanks for reading and please comment. Part two continues tomorrow, and feel free to disagree!


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