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Hey Guys how's everybody it's been a month that i haven't posted anything and today i'm gonna my fancasting of who i want for the titular hero, the planeteer's and the eco villain's, here we go:

John Cena - Captain Planet

By Your Powers Combined I'm Capt Planet
By Your Powers Combined I'm Capt Planet

I Know what you're all thinking i choose Cena for the role since he come in my mind of who i want for the role and fits perfectly for the role imo.

Roselyn Sanchez as Gaia

Roselyn would be perfect for the role of the goddess of earth she even look like her and has the exactly same skin complex.

The Planeteer's

Donald Glover as Kwame


I'm a big fan of Glover movie's and music's he would perfect as the leader of the eco volunteer's and has an similar hairstyle than the African Planeteer.

Rupert Grint as Wheeler


Even Thought Rupert as British, he fits perfectly as the American Planeteer and Grint previously played character's who were hothead in his films.

Cara Delevingne as Linka


Now that Cara is now becoming an up and coming actress thank for her role on Paper Town and her upcoming movie Suicide Squad, Cara has that Eastern European/Soviet look like the Russian Planeteer.

Fan BingBing as Gi


Like i say about Cara. BingBing would be perfect as the Asian Planeteer and she's a very great actress especially her role as Blink on X-Men DOFP.

Jake T. Austin - Ma-Ti


Love his acting performance on Wizard of Waverly Place and The Foster's i do picture him as the South American Planeteer and Jake has previously played the younger member of the cast.

The Eco Villains

Taylor Schilling as Dr. Blight

Two Word: PIPER CHAPMAN!!! Schilling would be perfect as the only female eco terrorist on the rogue gallery and love her acting on Orange is the New Black and beside she has the evil scientist look and the exactly same hair than her.

David Tennant - Looten Plunder

One of my favorite Doctor from Doctor Who he could definitely be the evil businessman and his character Kilgrave from Jessica Jones remind me so much of him although in Purple rather than green.

Danny De Vito - Sly Sludge

Danny De Vito is one of the greatest actor from my childhood (love his acting as baddie on Matilda and Batman Return's) and he does resemble the waste collector on the show.

Nick Frost - Hoggish Greedly

One of my favorite British Actor in British Film Industry i would to see him as the pig like villain who love overconsumption and you know he does play character's who doesn't like to clean anything.

Norman Reedus - Verminous Skumm

Both Reedus "Daryl Dixon" and Skumm have something in common: they never clean themselves (although the later when he's in a safe zone) and Reedus would be awesome as the Part Rat humanoid villain.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - Duke Nukem

Another famous Wrestler on this list, The Rock would be perfect in CGI ans the radioactive eco villains similar to his frenemy Sheamus as Rocksteady in the upcoming TMNT Reboot sequel.

Hugh Jackman - Captain Pollution

You know Pollution hair resemble a lot like Woverine and can you guess why i cast Jackman for the role??


You like my Fancast and which one do you picture the most??


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