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Here it is. The moment all Evil Dead fans have been waiting for in this show, the return to the cabin.

So as Ash gets to the cabin, Fisher catches up to him (she split up with Kelly and Pablo to try to find Ash) and the two go in to face whatever evil is in there. Most of the episode after that is the two being messed with by the cabin and it honestly gets pretty creepy. Ash get a flash from the past when he's locked in the shed with Linda's head taunting him.

And while Ash is being tormented by the head of his dead girlfriend, Fisher finds out what happened to Ash's severed hand. It turns out the grew a whole new body and was messing with Fisher. Yep, Bad Ash is back and some bad stuff happens.


Yeah... Fisher doesn't make it out of the cabin. While she was able to defend herself from Bad Ash for a bit, he ultimately kills her via antler impailment like her partner in the first episode. The real Ash manages to get there in time to say goodbye to Fisher and then starts fighting Bad Ash ending the episode.

This may the best episode yet! This episode brings the feel of the first two movies back with horror and suspense. It was great seeing the cabin and all the callbacks to the previous films. It is a shame to see Fisher die as she was a cool charecter and was starting to become Ash's love interest, but there's always a chance she could return (though the characters would not want that. You know, cause Deadites). Pablo and Kelly didn't do too much this episode. They meet up with three others in the woods (who I'm sure will be fine), and Kelly gets protective of Pablo when a girl shows intrest in him. The episode mainly focused on Ash and Fisher, but it seems that Pablo and Kelly will do more next episode.

I give this episode 10 out of 10 chainsaws!


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