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Now That Netflix is now home to many Marvel Studios productions aimed for adults (due of having graphics deaths,drugs,sex (although without nudity) the streaming services should make an TV series about one of the first Interracial couple Cloak and Dagger and who're C and D??


They were an couple of runaways Tyrone "Ty" Johnson was an African American who has an disability stutter and Tandy Bowen was from a privileged upbringing. both have met in NYC until an criminal chemist kidnapped them and inject them with a heroin and with a result grant them superpower's.

My Fancast for Tyronne "Ty" Johnson aka Cloak

Michael B. Jordan

Now that the Fantastic Four Reboot bomb this year and the sequel supposedly got cancelled but Michael say he would love to continued playing superheroes in future film and he's my first choice for the role even if there aren't many African american heroes left to be cast in the MCU (all the big ones like War Machine, The Falcon, Luke Cage and Black Panther are already taken) and besides his friend Director Ryan Coogler is in negotiation to direct the Black Panther solo film.

Brandon T. Jackson

The man haven't had a big role since the Big Momma House 3 flop in theater and while still making fortunes on the Percy Jackson film franchise Jackson still does supporting role.

Tequan Richmond

Best Known as Chris Younger Brother on Everybody Hates Chris, i haven't see him in a lot time on TV since the series ended and he fit perfectly as an younger version of the character.

My Fancast for Tandy Bowen aka Dagger

Dianna Agron

I Love her acting role as Quinn on Glee one of Ryan Murphy greatest show he ever made she was definitely one of my favorites on the show, I imagined Agron on the MCU and would love to see her playing as Dagger on the cinematic universe.

Teresa Palmer

My Second choice for the role and love her acting role as Warm Bodies and she's a very cute talented Aussie actress and i imagine her wearing white.

Sasha Pieterse

If They want an Younger Version of the role they should Sasha for the role she would be perfect love performance as Alison DiLaurentis on Pretty Little Liars and remember her playing the ice princess on Sharkboy and LavaGirl.


Do you want to see the Interracial couple on the MCU and which casting do you like the most??


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