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firstly i would say , Most of us who love film music scores. i pay my regrets in hearing the passing of the late legendary film composer/director James Horner who scored the sound track for this film, and who this film is dedicated to his memory. the late James Horner R.I.P.

The story starts with us seeing Boxing champion billy hope ( Jake Gyllenhaal) Giving a charity event fight for an orphanage where he and his wife Maureen hope ( Rachel Mc'adams ) Once grew-up in, Named Hell's ketchen. Billy successfully defends his world light weight title, But sustains an eye injury. which worries his wife Maureen.

She convinces billy to retire while he's still on top of his Game, in the corridor there's a group of media and fans waiting on him. also a young up coming boxer named Miguel 'Magic' Escobar ( Miguel Gomez) Hungry for a shot at the title. Believing that he can beat billy hope, he takes every opportunity he gets, to taunt billy into agreeing to fight, billy suffers from regular bouts of Anger when they meet. In another scene, at a Benefit awards Banquet, Miguel 'Magic' Escobar is there. and starts a big fight with billy hope,

During the fight, billy's wife Maureen. is Accidentually shot . Escobar's Brother Hector, has shot her. In a desperate move to save her. billy shouts for help she gradually dies in his arm's. With only his daughter Leila ( oona laurence ) billy turns to a life of Drugs and Abusive alcohol drinking. with also revenge on his mind, he finds an apartment where he believes Hector lives. with an aim to kill him, only to find he's abandoned wife and child. with remorse, he changes his mind. Billy returns to the ring , but loses the fight by knocking-out the referee out of frustration. Causing him to be suspended from boxing for good.

However billy's life takes a turn for the worse, losing his house, belongings, also the custody of his daughter leila to child protective services . The officer angela rivera ( Naomie Harris ) has her under her watch. Hitting rock-bottom, billy takes on a job cleaning toilets at a boxing Gym. Owned and run by a former boxer Titus 'tick'' wills ( Forest Whitaker ) turned trainer. Billy hope convinces Titus wills to become his trainer, The Question is . will Titus ''tick'' wills take a chance on billy ? But can billy hope rise-up Back to his former Glory days ? I seriously liked this movie. Hollywood seems to have a love affair with boxing movies. Good acting by cast members.

Directed by Antoine Fuqua released in June 15, 2015 and July 24. 2015.


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