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I'm a Fan Theorist. I give ridiculous predictions for movies and TV shows. I'd like to call them "Ridictable Theories"!
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For those that haven't see Star Wars VII The Force Awakens, DON'T READ!

As for the rest of you, this post will be about my last post that I predicted for Episode VII, and what I think will be happen in Star Wars VIII. If these predictions happen, you heard it hear first!

This is what I got right:

I said that Kylo Ren was Han Solo and Leia's son and that he was being trained by Luke Skywalker in the Force.

All the rest were either far fetch or have not happened yet. I will get to that later.

Now for my predictions for Episode VIII. I will start with key characters from The Force Awakens. Also keep in mind that the names in this new trilogy will play a big role for spoilers.

Kylo Ren(Ben)-

Obviously we learn that he is Han's son, but we're going to go in deeper. Notice that his real name is Ben. I'm guessing that Leia named him that, so that he is reminded of Obi-Wan(Ben) Kenobi who was Leia’s “only hope” in the first Star Wars film. I told you names will be a big part in this! I'm betting Leia knew that the Force was going to be strong in her family and named her son Ben to be THE Hope in balancing the Force.

This is just something fun to think about with Ben's new Sith name Kylo Ren. The “Ky” I think comes from SKYwalker and the “-lo” comes from Han SoLO. It would make sense with him being half Skywalker and half Solo.

There's also a connection between him and Rey that I'll get into when I delve into Rey’s origins later.


We learn that Poe gave him the name Finn because he didn't like his Stormtrooper codename FN2187. This is something new to the trilogy. We get a backstory about the Stormtrooper’s point of view. We learn that they were taken from their parents at a young age to be trained as Stormtroopers. No knowledge of their parents and to be trained as killers who can't hit the broad side of the barn!

Funny enough, Finn happens to be the only Stormtrooper to actually hit something! Maybe this only happened after he decided to leave the Dark Side.

It has been brought to my attention that J.J. Abrams casted John Boyega after watching Attack the Block. But more specifically for Star Wars VIII. I find this interesting because Boyega was a type of ring leader in Attack the Block. Now I'm guessing that we'll see Finn become a type of savior for the Stormtroopers. I think that Finn will help the Stormtroopers know that what they're doing is wrong and not only free them but start a revolution that will end the New Order once and for all!

In my last post, I said that Finn was Lando’s son. I'm still sticking with that theory. Right now we know that Finn is in some type of coma after dueling with Kylo Ren. My prediction for this is that Finn will get flashbacks of his childhood in his sleep. He will see his parents and want to know more about them. He then realizes that Maz Kanata can see through his eyes and knows more about his past then he does. So he leaves to find her and Maz tells him that Lando is his father, who is one of the last Clone Troopers before they were replaced by the Stormtroopers that we know today.

Now this would be a cool backstory for Lando. What if they tried to create better Stormtroopers by going to the source, the source being Lando for cloning. The reason i say this, is because Lucas ststed that Lando was a clone.

When approached, of course Lando refused to have clones made after him, but the Empire decides to steal his only child(Finn who he had at the time) to make new Stormtroopers for the New Order. Now you may wonder what I mean by that. I personally think that Finn is a new batch of clones, I mean why else was he given the name FN2187? Another movie that did this was The Island.

Ewan McGregor(a former Star Wars Alumni, Obi-Wan Kenopi), played a clone named Lincoln 6 Echo in The Island. The first name was the last name of the original owner of the clown and Echo 6 meant the age of the clone and where their owner was located.

What if FN2187 is the same thing. If so, then the FN would mean Foxtrot November… and knowing Star Wars, I'm pretty sure that November is not part of their calendar in a galaxy far far away… maybe FN is the first and last initials from the name of the original clone and the number 2187 either means the month, day and year of the clone's birth or he is the 2,187th clone in the batch. Either way, it's a mystery that needs to be solved in this awesome trilogy!


She is the biggest mystery in the whole movie! In my last post I said that she was Han and Leia's daughter, but with all the subtle hints in the movie, now I'm not quite so sure… and here's why:

The part when Kylo was trying to read Rey's mind, he mentions an island that she was on in her childhood. He talks about Han being like a father she never had. Kylo goes even further by saying that Rey knew where Luke was. Meaning the droid with the futuristic flashdrive was useless. I bet that Rey was on that island with Luke in the past.

But before that, when she touches Anakin’s lightsaber she is given flashbacks of Luke and even shown the Knights of Ren. Possibly hinting at what she needs to fight in the future. Plus Maz said that the lightsaber was calling to her like it did to Luke and Anakin. Kind of a Harry Potter and and Lord of the Rings reference there. Meaning Anakin’s lightsaber is like a wand that only works properly when it's wielded by it's master. And like The One Ring, the lightsaber has no other master.

Also based on those hints and the dialogues between the two, my conclusion is that Rey is Luke's daughter!

To fully confirm it, at the end of the movie Rey looks for Luke on a planet that is surrounded by water. She later finds him on an island. Albeit the same one that Kylo saw in Rey's memories.

Now here's what I think happened in Rey's and Ben's past. I think Luke was trying to train a group of Jedis to bring back the old ways of the Force. It was even said that he was trying to look for the first Jedi Temple.

I'm getting ahead of myself. Anyway, when Luke was training younger Jedis, Han wanted Luke to train his son Ben, but the problem was that Ben was too old. Han strongly insisted because he saw the potential his son had to be a great Jedi. Luke frankly took on the task while he was training other Jedis.

Luke sees that Ben is strong in the Force, but Ben is still unstable with his emotions.

Luke later notices that his daughter is very strong in the Force and decides to train her because she's young enough to be trained as a Jedi properly. When Rey is training, Ben sees how strong she is and becomes jealous. Even to the point of wanting to become the most powerful Jedi ever.

This would make sense as to why Kylo was easliy rattled whenever someone mentions that a girl was helping someone escape. He knew Rey from the Jedi Training that they took together under Luke Skywalker.

Ben later learns more about the Dark Side by hearing about Snoke being the oldest living Sith Lord and how powerful he is. Ben seeks him out and becomes Kylo Ren! In so doing, Ren leads the rest of the young Jedis away from Luke, thus becoming the Knights of Ren.

With his small legion, Ren tries to kill Luke and Rey, but fails. Forcing Luke to hide his daughter so that she would be safe and exiling himself for the rest of his days.

Maybe Luke made Ren think that he killed Rey so that Ren wouldn't go on looking for her. It would make sense that Ren is after Luke more than he is “the girl” from the first part of the movie.

This is what I gathered from Star Wars VII The Force Awakens and my small prediction of what will happen in Star Wars Episode VIII.

What do you think? Is the Force strong in this one or do you have a bad feeling about this?

Let me know on the comments below!


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