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The latest Batman v Superman trailer sure got the whole world talking. While it polarized some, it's very clear that the trailer was indeed made for the general audience to get them on board, not necessarily tailored to comic fans exclusively as the SDCC Trailer (still one of the greatest trailers ever) was, with criticism ranging from it showing too much- I've already made clear I do not believe that's the case at all- to Doomsday's appearance, but these all seem minor quibbles in light of how good the movie ought to be.

Indeed, several people have taken to Twitter to express how happy they were with their cinema's reaction to the trailer. Personally, in Australia, people rarely get so into movies as they did The Force Awakens, but they were also hyped for the trailers we received (Deadpool, X-Men: Apocalypse and Batman v Superman). I've never heard quite so much excitement and cheers from an audience as when the Trinity was assembled on screen. (And this was just the normal screening, not the Midnight one, where the energy was even more insane).

I wasn't the only one, either:

Now, though, we have solid, great proof of such a reaction in video format from a Brazilian theater. While the movie itself has garnered a lot of interest and love for different aspects, from the actual fight, to Lex Luthor, to Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne and Batman, one highlight for everyone who hasn't even actually spoken yet is none other than Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman. And, boy, did this audience love her.

They go wild when the logo comes up! Really, much the same as any self respecting Batman v Superman fan does, I would think. With viral marketing kicking off, the first TV spot emerging yesterday, posters beginning to flood out, and Star Wars marketing mostly behind us, from January on, you can expect to see the Bat Symbol and Crest of El wherever you look; and from the sound of it, at least one theater are going to adore this movie.


What are you most hyped to see Wonder Woman do in Batman v Superman?


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