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That Lightsabre belongs to me!

Let me just start by saying how hard it is to talk about this movie without spoiling anything, because I LOVE Star Wars and after seeing this movie twice there is so much speculation and theorizing that I want to join into that is already taking place, and it wont be stopping anytime soon (if at all). But in the end, i'll manage without spoiling anything. So how about we start with the basic plot as per usual.

Episode VII follows The First Order, the current wielders of the Dark Side of the force and their search for Luke Skywalker, who has gone missing. Meanwhile, the resistance (formerly known as the rebellion) also struggle's to find Luke as they fight The First Order. The main plot revolves around a Stormtrooper named Finn, the knight of The First Order named Kylo Ren, and a scavenger from Jakku named Rey.

Now I wont go into detail, but the story that i've choosen not to mention does feel alot like Episode IV (to the point that people are saying it's just a glorified remake), but it doesn't bother me as much. In fact, to me it makes the story much more relatable to the rest of the series. There was definitely alot of doubt with the transfer to J.J. Abrams and Disney, but they played it safe which I feel is a smart move.

But to be honest if you never knew about the switch you would have never noticed, because it feels like the same universe all over again, and the Star Wars feeling was captured perfectly. From the ships, to the aliens, to the planets, to the different characters, everything feels as if it belongs in George Lucas' universe. The biggest example of this is a scene in which certain characters end up at a bar in a certain system (yes, im leaving it there, but I will say don't hope to see a familiar bar). Everything falls right into place, and just by watching the scene you feel immersed just like the original Mos Eisley scene from Episode IV, or the club from Episode II.

In fact Episode VII achieves a goal that many movies fail at: immersion. you feel like you are inside the universe again, and that the story carries on. You forget that your watching a movie sometimes, and this immensely helps create very powerful moments. Honestly, this film has me on record for goosebumps, how much I jump out of my seat out of excitement, and how fast my heart rate has gone up in one movie.

Although the atmosphere is MASSIVELY supported by the score. For the record, let me say that i'm a huge fan of John Williams' work, and this is no exception. The score feels like Mr. Williams never missed a beat, as if he finished with the prequel trilogy and then immediately went to work on the next set. Some pieces from previous movies return (as to be expected), but there is alot of new music to be heard and it all feels the same way as the original six episodes did. Not only is the music beautifully composed, but beautifully placed as well.

The biggest complaint I had about Jurassic World was that there were many missed opportunuties with the placement of the music. However, Episode VII does not suffer from this in the slightest. The music is very well placed, turning strong moments in the story into iconic and powerful scenes.

Really, the only complaint I have about this movie is that there were some oppurtunities to put already powerful moments over the top, but everything was already handled well enough. The only thing that holds this movie from perfection is the fact that this movie was played very safe with it's plot. It doesn't bother me as much, but it has others in uproar. But let me be clear: this is more than a glorified remake. It is truly the continuation of the saga that everyone has waited for, and is in no way a dissapointment.

In the end, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is everything we wanted it to be, and in some cases so much more.

If you've seen Episode VII, let us know what you think! And as always may the force be with you (have a fantastic day)!


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