ByChristopher Egarr, writer at

Is it possible that an asteroid hit the earth and sent it travelling through the universe until it was caught in orbit around another star, causing the stars to look completely re-arranged. Earth could have also picked up 2 moons at any point. Sure, most of life would have been frozen from the lack of heat as it travelled through the universe, but some people may have survived in vaults and plants like nirnroot or Glowroot could have survived because it was being tested on in a vault. It doesn't really matter how many years had passed, there would be shifts in the tectonic plates and evolution would happen again with creatures like Deathclaws becoming sentient dragons as humans escaped from the vaults that had been frozen shut, and after generations of slavery and mutation from the remaining radiation the other races could have been formed as humanity strove to survive. When eventually knowledge of all technology would have been lost with only physical remnants remaining, we would have followed a similar path of development as ancient humans and fought back until we were once again masters of our own planet, when politics would come into play and everyone wouldn't rust outsiders. The DNA left in fossilised bones may have been a guideline for many animals to once again repopulate the planet. Although this is just a convoluted theory with very little evidence.


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