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I grew up with Star Wars and when I heard there was going to be a ep 7 a actual sequel to the return of the Jedi I was really excited, so on Friday night I went to see episode 7 hoping they hit the mark with the sequel I had waited 30 years to see...... Unfortunately I was very disappointed for a handful of reasons - the fact that they had killed off one of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars saga was a huge disappointment! From the moment Han and chewie entered the movie it was like nothing had changed, the humor and banter back and forth between them and other characters was what made solo a certain scean stealer! So to kill him off it was like they ( the movie makers ) are in a huge hurry to kill of the original players so they can bring in new blood! To have waited 30 years to finally see that humor and banter back in the saga only to have it disappear again cause they killed him off was unnecessary. Also hearing that Kylo Ren was Han and leia's son was a huge casting blunder, the guy didn't resemble either one in any way shape or form so I was so annoyed at that - Kylo was a cool bad guy with the mask on but after hearing he was leia's and Hans son and then seeing his face it just didn't work. Another was the light saber duels or lack of........ They were terrible and almost clumsy - nothing like the duels we have seen so yeah they were far from cool, another thing that made no sense was Finn - he was a stormtrooper and he was black, now from what I remember from episode 2 all the stormtroopers from episode 2 were all kiwi looking dudes! Not one was white or black! So for me that was weird and no real explanation at all..... I liked Finn or the guy who played Finn but yeah after seeing episode 1 through to episode 6 and now 7 you would think that they would keep in mind that there has been a foundation that has already been made and stick to it. Finally through the entier year all the buzz and fuss has been focussed on Luke Skywalker! So much talk and many rumors surrounding Luke and his role in episode 7 has had every one speculating expecting him to pop up in the movie in a huge way but then only to be disappointed in a long drawn out over acted sceen from Marc hamill! I mean seriously he was in it for a minute!!! All he did was a over acted pull back of the hood of his cape and then to just stare at nothing like an old fart with no marbles up stairs! He didn't say a word and then the movie was over!!!! WORTH THE WAIT?????? I don't think so. The movie also felt like it was mimicking a lot of the original movie a new hope, where R2D2 was sent away with secret plans etc so yeah for some one who was really looking forward to this I truly do think they missed the mark on this one. I think the movies going forward could have been extremely beneficial with chewie and Han still in the mix


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