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If you have yet to see Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens, stop now and read this after you see it. There's your official spoiler alert! A lot of Star Wars fans were shocked and appalled when Disney announced that the novels that made up a lot of the continuing lore of Star Wars would no longer be considered "canon".

For those of us that took the time to read a majority of the books not covered in film or animated TV series this was a huge disappointment. There was a lot of cool story-lines that could have been explored and given Disneys' monetary power they could have been done well. I do however understand why they would take their own road and not be shackled to pre-existing stories that fanboys would be overly familiar with. Every time something was not quiet right there are people who would be waiting to jump down their throats for not remaining faithful to the material.

Interestingly enough though despite there being no Grand Admiral Thrawn and Solo twins there are some parallels that were snuck in there but twisted. Kylo Ren for instance is someone who is not a Sith but is in fact following the path of the dark side, and also happens to be named Ben. In the book series the New Jedi Order Luke has a son named Ben after Obi Wan. The name is close but not quite a match but strangely enough Han and Leia in the same series have three kids Anakin Solo, the youngest and Jacen and Jaina Solo. Jacen turns to the dark side and becomes Darth Caedus.

That was the first similarity that stood out to me that they conveniently were able to use without making it happen exactly as it did in the EU. There were rumors that a member of the original cast was going to be killed off. Again this same thing happened in the first book of the New Jedi Order Vector Prime written by R.A. Salvatore only with this novel it was ordered by Lucas himself but he limited who could be killed. It seems to me that buying buying the rights and then making the EU "legend" but not canon Disney gave themselves room to do what they wanted with the story-lines out there without having to stick to them 100%. I think they knew they were going to catch some flack from some people no matter what they did.

After all R.A. Salvatore received death threats for killing off a much beloved character despite it being done at the behest of George Lucas! I am wondering if they will continue to take inspiration from other existing novels but give them a video-graphical rewrite as it seems they have done with their first entry in a galaxy far far way. What do you think?


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