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Star wars is back with a bang. On par with the original Trilogy, The force awakens as all a star wars fan could ask for. Emotion, Mind blowing Action, Realistic character's and most of all. A great villain. Kylo Ren (or Ben) was a damaged villain that Makes you feel for him. You feel sorry he got corrupted by the dark side of the force. Ray is one of many strong female character's of 2015. You are interested in her character. Your scared for her when she fight Kylo Ren at the end. Finn was a well grounded Character. With his funny dialog he grabs your heart and puts himself into it as you feel for him and hoped he would live after Kylo Ren cuts him down with his light saber right down the spine. Poe Dameron though not playing a big enough p[art as I would have liked Works perfectly as the expert Pilot of a X-wing. Han solo once Again grabs your heart and breaks it when he is killed at Star killer Base. I was close to man tears when Kylo Ren stabs him through the chest. I thought it was a vary ballsy move to kill Han solo like that. I could hear a couple of gasp's in my theater when he died. I felt for chewie when he shot all the stormtroppers in the room in a angry Rage. Overall I loved the movie and Can't wait for episode eight when it comes.

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