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So, after months and years and decades of hype and anticipation , Episode 7 is finally out! Before I go any further I must stress that this movie does wash the taste of the god-awful prequels from 1999-2005 from your mouth and instead gives you a new but familiar fresh minty taste.

There isn't much to say about this movie that hasn't already been said, it is a great movie, while it isn't the best Star Wars movie, I personally liked it better than Return Of The Jedi, which is still a great film. The movie was a bit underwhelming because of the fast pace of the movie and you never quite understand what exactly is happening besides what was described in the opening crawl of the film, which I will not spoil here. I never really understood Kylo Ren's motivations besides him having to be evil because-movie and the twist with his character felt a little forced and feels like it was shoe-horned in there just for the sake of plot and something towards the end of the movie that I will not spoil here either.

It might seem like i'm trashing on the movie but i'm just expressing the very few problems I had with the film, now to get into the brown-nosing. I absolutely adored the re-design of the Stormtroopers! They looked awesome in this movie, and so does Kylo Ren, I love his design and his lightsaber, as well as his brooding voice. Kylo Ren is easily one of my favorite movie villains of this year and possibly my favorite villain of the Star Wars franchise besides George Lucas. Rey was also my favorite female protagonist out of any movie I saw this year, and when it came to the most badass females in movies this year, everybody leaned more towards Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road but Rey I thought kicked a lot more of it than Furiosa did and I just loved Rey's look better than Furiosa's. I liked the design of Rey's costume so much that it makes me want to buy her Hot Toy along with Kylo Ren's and just set up a fight between them on my shelf.

Continuing on the talk of great designs, BB-8 is a masterpiece of practical effects that is just so adorable that it made me actually want to drop $150 on the Sphero version of the character. There was one design that I wasn't too into but now i'm just digging too deep into it and maybe someone can explain it in the comments, but why didn't Chewbacca have any grey hairs on him? Maybe Wookies don't get grey hairs? It just stood out to me a little bit. Also, did anyone notice the wilhelm scream in the movie? When I heard it during the scene when Poe and Finn first meet, the film nerd inside of me giggled a bit as I loved to hear it, I believe it has been in every Star Wars movie, but don't take my word for it.

My biggest complaint with this movie is the character of Supreme Leader Snoke, who whenever we saw him talking to Kylo Ren in that room, it just made me think of last year's Guardians Of The Galaxy, it took me back to Thanos and Ronan talking, then it settled in that now I see some similarities between Kylo and Ronan. Those scenes with Snoke just seemed way too GOTG for me and so did the design of the character, and he was just too big in my opinion and I just couldn't stop getting GOTG out of my head during those moments.

Han Solo is great to see again and it is fantastic that he isn't just some cameo, he is actually a character who sticks around with Rey and Finn on their adventure, it's great. Also, Finn had a really interesting story going on with him and I just thought it was really neat to see the story from the perspective of a Stormtrooper and what life was like for his character and how he is after he leaves The First Order.

Overall, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a fun movie that returns the Star Wars series to it's former greatness, I am giving it a 7.5


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