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It is crazy to think that just a year ago I was watching the first trailer that was released on loop analyzing everything and trying to figure out what was going to happen, what the story line would be. But heck I did not care that what the story line was, all that I cared about was the fact that Star Wars was coming back and the original gang was in it.

I feel like I need to go see in a second time just to digust everything I saw (which I will). From the opening classic line of 'in a galaxy far far away…' I was on the edge of my seat. I don't think I have been this excited for anything before, well besides Harry Potter. There was so much hype behind this movie and the marketing for this movie was insane (I am sure that I am not the only one who nearly went broke buying all the new merch).

To keep this spoiler free, I will just say the movie lives up to its hype. The Force Awakens was done like the original trilogy, but done with modern technology. The way the old crew played a part and the way they developed in the movie felt like there was no 30 year gap between the films. The Force Awakens was fun, entertaining, thrilling and I was filled with so much nostaligia from begining to end.

I am looking forward to seeing where the movies will go, and the growth of our new set of characters to the story, even though in one movie they seemed to grow a lot. I am also curious if there will be any other reintroductions of old characters.

Have you seen it yet? What are you thoughts on The Force Awakens?


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