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ATTENTION: Star Wars Episode VII Spoilers below. Big time. If you have not yet seen the movie, this is your warning to discontinue reading!

After seeing the movie a couple times, some of my original thoughts were confirmed and I noticed some new things. Here are my thoughts...

I think Luke Skywalker became a Grey Jedi, and as we find him at the end of the movie, very well may be the most powerful Jedi we've ever seen on screen. Reason being...

He destroys the impression of the Sith, with Vader and Palpatine killed within minutes of each other at the conclusion of Episode VI. He used aggressive powers to do it, traditionally associated with the Dark Side. As a result, he becomes somewhat familiar with the Dark Side and its powers, but... basically leaves it behind; determined to rebuild the Jedi Order...

As explained in the movie, he begins doing exactly that, as he starts training Jedi. He not only loses a pupil to the Dark Side as his old Master did, but he loses his nephew and son of dear friends. He feels responsible as Han said, so he goes into seclusion as his predecessors also did. However, that may be far too simplistic and the viewpoint of a guy who is not a Force user. It's where Luke went that tells the story for me...

He goes to the original, ancient Jedi temple where the Jedi were born hundreds, possibly thousands of years ago; a place where Jedi were truly "balanced" with the Force. This is a concept that is heavily talked about throughout the saga, but never realized. People have always chosen the dark or the light, based on their own agenda, teachings or influences, whereas the original and most powerful Jedi were balanced with both sides, or "grey". They had a broader knowledge of the Force with the power to discern between the two sides and when to use the powers of each appropriately; free of specific agenda. The original Jedi temple is the only place in the galaxy where this balance still exists.

After losing Kylo Ren (Ben Solo) to the seduction of Snoke (for reasons or motivations not yet known), Luke no longer trusts the power (as Han speculated) and goes to the Jedi temple, not to hide; but to figure everything out - to study the Force as nobody has in years, to finally understand the Force completely and learn to control it.

As we see Luke at the temple, I believe he has acquired that balance and is likely the most powerful Jedi since the original Jedi Order.

I'm all but convinced after the second viewing that Luke is Rey's father; and I think Leia knows it as well. This may serve to explain why she sent just Rey (basically a new acquaintance) and Chewie to find him, rather than personally lead such a crucial task or at least send a larger contingent of Resistance personnel. Whether Luke is her father or not, he's about to be Rey's Master. In my humble opinion, Rey will be the first Jedi Padewan to be trained as a Grey Jedi, the first to learn the Force as a balanced ally. Rey will also likely surpass Luke's power eventually, given her significant strength with the Force as displayed in the movie without an ounce of tudorship or training (only Luke's influence from afar).

Rey may become the most powerful Jedi seen in the Star Wars universe because sooner or later, Luke will be gone to make way for the new generation.

Some other thoughts...

After the first viewing, I loved the movie, but Kylo Ren's weakness near the end bothered me; especially after such a powerful display of dark powers early in the movie. I understand now why Kylo Ren became so weak at the end; mostly he's a mess. He was pretty powerful despite that, all the way up until he offered to train Rey in the ways of the Force. She says, "the Force", closes her eyes and when she opens them, has gained a significant amount of power and motivation; then proceeds to basically overpower Kylo with ease. I wondered why Luke's big reveal didn't happen on the Star Killer base when his friends needed him the most. Now I believe he did help, as he guided Rey.

Also, when Kylo Ren was infiltrating Rey's mind (After he takes off his mask), he sees the final scene in the movie. He describes the place they found Luke while reading her thoughts to extract the map he knows she has seen. He said, "so lonely..." then mentions an island on the ocean. So... it seems Rey had seen visions of where Luke was long before the Resistance actually put together the complete map.

Like many of us, well; older Star Wars fans who grew to love this franchise in the original trilogy, I was saddened by the loss of Han Solo. Was it necessary to kill off an iconic character that cannot really be replaced? Besides the fact that the original cast members cannot do these movies forever and that Harrison Ford urged George Lucas to kill off Solo in Episode VI, I understand why it was done. Kylo Ren killed his father to gain needed strength with the Dark Side, obviously guided / manipulated by Snoke - just like Anakin slaughtered Jedi Younglings and Seperatists to gain power as guided / manipulated by Palpatine. Kylo tells Han, "I'm being torn apart. I need to be free of this pain. I know what I have to do, but I don't know if I have the strength to do it; can you help me?" After he puts his saber through Han, he says, "Thank you". With his fear of "Never becoming as strong as Darth Vader" as exposed by Rey, his own admission of the light calling to him and his fear that Snoke knows it, Kylo Ren at least hopes that doing this dark deed will advance him with the Dark Side.


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