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Spoiler alert :)

Since Disney has bought the rights to Lucasfilms and the Star Wars franchise, many have said The Force Awakens is made in a manner to benefit Disney. Is it possible that Rey’s character has been modified to have similarities with Disney princesses in order to align with Disney’s advantages? Here are 5 common and comprehensive traits that Rey shares with Disney Princesses!

The trend of Disney princesses has been shifting all along!

Here's a timeline of Disney Princess films with a few notes. But it will only feature the main films but not the sequel, or the prequel because we all know they aren't as good as the original:

1937: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Let's agree that she was one of the weakest Disney Princesses, the forefront of the damsels in distress

1950: Cinderella: She was likeable and kind; but she wouldn't be able to find "happily ever after" without the help of her magical Fairy Godmother

1959: Sleeping Beauty: Do I need to say more? The pretty face snoozed most of the time throughout the movie waiting for her prince to rescue her from the curse

1989: The Little Mermaid: She was a tad bit rebellious, naive and irrational nonetheless to have trusted Ursula

1991: Beauty and the Beast: Belle was a smart book worm with a strong sense of character

1992: Aladdin: The title said it all; Jasmine wasn't really the main character of the film

1995: Pocahontas: She may need Grandmother's Willow's advices sometimes but she stood on her ideology firmly and made her judgement rationally

1998: Mulan: She was the first female character to portray wits, independence, strength and loyalty by substituting her ailing father to be part of the army

2009: The Princess and the Frog: Tiana's determination proved her to be more than just a 'stereotypical' Disney Princess

2010: Tangled: Rapunzel was quirky, brave and adventurous

2013: Frozen: Elsa and Enna are sisters that depended on each other; I suppose there is no elaboration needed after you've heart 'Let it Go'

As you can see from the timeline of Disney princesses films, female roles are steadily turning into damsels in defence rather than what they used to be. Rey has the 'new Disney Princess' traits; she can save a man's a**, 'the girl knows her thing' (as quoted by Han Solo) when it comes to fixing the Millennium Falcon and she discovered the Force in only 2 minutes.

She is the leading female role

Throughout the entire Star Wars franchise, Anakin and Luke have been the prime focus. After 6 films, a woman finally steps up to become the star of the film, even though the film could've focused on other plots (such as telling the tale of the Knights of Ren or the fall of Luke Skywalker).

"I'm Rey"
"I'm Rey"

She was an underdog but later she experienced Coming of Age

Similar to Cinderella, Mulan, and Tiana, Rey was seen as an underdog; she was scavenger and a fugitive before she rises to become a Solo/Skywalker.

She has an innate gift

She possesses the Force which she uses to her advantage. Strangely she overpowers Kylo Ren without any training. Miracles do happen quite a lot in Disney, isn't it?

She has personalities of an outstanding female

Rey is brave, adventurous, righteous and independent; she reminds us of Anna, Ariel, and Pocahontas.

I can't do all that.
I can't do all that.

Possibility of being an orphan

She is portrayed as an orphan from the start, as quoted by Maz about her wait for her family at Jakku that will never return. However, there are speculations over Rey as the sister or cousin of Ben Solo aka Kylo Ren. I do think she is Luke's daughter due to several similarities:

She wears a similar outfit with Luke Skywalker:

Rey and Luke wore white but Rey did not wore a dress like Leia.

Rey has a close bond with Han Solo

Even though Kylo Ren told Rey that "He (Han) was a father you (Rey) never had", Han and Rey were close friends that bonded well together, similar to the friendship Han and Luke once shared.

Either Rey ends up as a Skywalker or a Solo, Rey will still remain an orphan for now.

BB-8 trusts her

The immediate trust that BB-8 gives Rey is parallel to the immediate trust that the animals give to Cinderella or Snow White.

Still so adorableeeee
Still so adorableeeee

Of course,

all this is done out of amusement! I have no knowledge over how much Disney controls Lucasfilms though I am very curious to find out. But could have Disney influenced it somehow?

Tell me about your findings!

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