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[MAJOR SPOILERS follow. If you don't want to know anything about 'The Force Awakens', read no further!]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has landed! The critics are lauding it as a masterpiece, the fans are clamoring to see it again and again and every celebrity seems to want a piece of the pie.

As a result, The Force Awakens is chock full of cameos from both classic Star Wars alumni and long term fans. While a few are obvious, some may take a second or third viewing to notice. Luckily for you, I've compiled a list of all the ones I've spotted (or had pointed out) over the course of 3 viewings. How many did you spot?

1. Thomas Brodie-Sangster - First Order Officer

Yes, everyone's favorite immortal, Thomas Brodie Sangster, has a single line near the beginning of the movie during Poe and Finn's escape from The Finalizer. The Game of Thrones and Doctor Who actor is a huge fan of the franchise and being given a speaking role in the series's saving grace must have been enough to give anyone chills.

2. Simon Pegg - Unkar Plutt

Admittedly, the only reason I knew Pegg was playing Unkar was from behind-the-scenes footage, but it's still a fun cameo. Unkar Plutt was the junker on Jakku who made his money by swindling the local scavengers, including Rey, out of valuable goods. Simon Pegg, a well known Star Wars fanatic, was ecstatic to be taking on the role, even going as far as saying he was in heaven, despite burning under the Abu Dhabi sun.

3. Daniel Craig - JB-007

Perhaps the most well known cameo appearance so far, Daniel Craig was the man behind the mask when Rey escaped Kylo Ren's torture chamber. As Stormtrooper JB-007, Craig was almost unrecognizable (though his voice does sound familiar) and it was only after he revealed it himself that fans were aware of his part in the movie. His name is also a fun nod to his most iconic role in cinema.

4. Ewan McGregor and Alec Guinness - Obi Wan Kenobi

Yes, that was Obi Wan you heard during Rey's flashback experience. While Alec Guinness sadly passed away in 2000, sound engineers were still able to extract him saying the name "Rey" from the word "afraid" in Episode IV. As for McGregor, J. J. had him record brand new dialogue as an invisible force ghost, telling Rey that "these are your first steps." Could McGregor's inclusion in the movie mean the possibility of a proper force ghost appearance later in the trilogy? Only time will tell.

5. Frank Oz - Yoda

Yoda can also be heard in the flashback, though no new lines were recorded by Frank Oz. Instead, his monologue from The Empire Strikes Back about the nature of the force was used. The flashback also lifted other audio from the Original Trilogy, the most notable being Darth Vader's iconic breathing.

6. Warwick Davis - Wollivan

Another cameo that would have been impossible to notice if it hadn't been pointed out, Warwick Davis played a Blarina spacer called Wollivan. Wollivan was seen briefly in Maz Kanata's castle but otherwise had very little effect on the story. Still, it's always fun to have Warwick running around in Star Wars. Shame about the lack of Ewoks, though.

7. Yayan Ruhian & Iko Uwais - Kanjiklub

Han Solo has never had a good history when it comes to paying back money. Even now, thirty years after his run in with Jabba the Hutt and Boba Fett, he's still trying to swindle crime lords out of their Galactic Credits. This time round, two such crime lords are Tasu Leech and Razoo Qin-Fee of Kanjiklub, played by Yayan Ruhian and Iko Uwais respectively. Both actors are famous for their groundbreaking martial arts movies, The Raid and The Raid 2. It's a shame they didn't get to show off their skill in Star Wars, but what with the Rathtars attacking and all, I doubt there would have been time for a well placed kick.

8. Billie Lourd - Lieutenant Connix

As the daughter of Princess Leia herself, Billie Lourd was born into the world of Star Wars, so it's only right that she has at least a brief appearance in the franchise. Lourd stars as Lieutenant Connix, a young Resistance officer who acts as Leia's right hand woman. With a couple of lines and a nostalgic hairstyle to boot, Lourd feels right at home next to her mother and will hopefully have a larger role as the trilogy continues.

9. Ken Leung - Admiral Statura

J. J. Abrams came to fame during the 2000s for creating the TV phenomenon Lost. The Force Awakens is full of easter eggs and throwbacks to Lost, with the largest being the presence of Miles Straume himself, Ken Leung. Leung plays Admiral Statura, a high-ranking official within the Resistance. While not a key player in the story, it's obvious Leung is going to have more to do as the trilogy progresses.

10. Greg Grunberg - Snap Wexley

Greg Grunberg is J. J. Abrams's longtime childhood friend and a huge fan of Star Wars. And so J. J., being such a good buddy, gave Grunberg a small role in The Force Awakens as Snap Wexley, the second best pilot in The Resistance. Grunberg looks set to be in for the long run with Wexley hinted to be the next Wedge Antilles. Could we even see a Black Squadron spin off at some point in the future? After the success of The Force Awakens, it's all on the cards.

11. Bill Hader & Bill Schwartz

Did you spot these two comedy veterans in The Force Awakens? Probably not, seeing as these two guys, rather than appearing in the movie themselves, provided the voice behind BB-8. Yes, all those beeps, chuckles and whistles were the work of these two jokers, who are both massive Star Wars nerds. It just makes me love that little droid even more!

12. Freema Agyeman - New Republic Citizen

And finally, Freema Agyeman, a.k.a. Martha Jones, made a fleeting appearance as a terrified citizen on Hosnian Prime before the planet was destroyed. In her blink-and-you'll-miss-it shot, the Doctor Who star manages to display all the emotion felt by every being in the system before being obliterated by Starkiller Base. It's a brief yet important role that shows that the rest of the galaxy is there and that, for our heroes, the stakes have never been higher.


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