ByMichelle Siouty, writer at

I am blown away when I see some incredible body art. I think painting on a flat, white canvas is difficult enough. I can't picture being able to create perfect images on the curves textures of the human body.

Be sure to check out these incredible artists who are more talented than I can ever dream to be.

1. Wolverine

Cosplayer: Artsie Fartsie Paint

2. Two-Face

Cosplayer: Florea Flavia

3. Colossal Titan

Cosplayer: Kay Pike

4. Predator

Cosplayer: Emma Allen

5. Immortan Joe

Cosplayer: Made U Look by Lex

6. Gollum

Cosplayer: CarlyPaigeMakeup

7. Trevor Philips from 'GTA V'

Cosplayer: sammylovesfossas

8. Venom

Cosplayer: gimgams

9. Wonder Woman

Cosplayer: Anna Lingis

10. Sans from Undertale

Cosplayer: cosmetictuna

11. Titan

Cosplayer: Florea Flavia

I could never do something as incredible as this, but I wouldn't mind having a talented artist paint me up to be Wonder Woman, Chewbacca, or even Yoda!


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