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It should be common courtesy by now, but time and time again people need to be reminded that spoiling a huge movie is just not cool. Pretty much everyone in the world wants to see Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens, but not all of us could see it during its opening weekend.

That gap between those in the know and those still anxiously awaiting their showtime has caused a lot of friction when it comes to plot twists, and with the biggest movie of the year, that ire has reached galactic proportions.

Well, that spoiler-y situation only gets way, way worse when you're a public figure with hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers, and you knowingly reveal one of The Force Awakens' biggest moments.

For the sake of the people who still haven't seen The Force Awakens (and since it's generally just a dick move), I won't be including any spoilers in this post. However, if you just can't resist seeing exactly what twist Sam ruined for people, you can check out a screenshot of the now-deleted tweet here.

Former NFL player Michael Sam tweeted to 251,000 followers one major plot twist in The Force Awakens

He quickly deleted it, but followed it up with a simple (and pretty ineffectual) . Needless to say, people were not too happy about this and didn't hesitate to let him know just how egregious this mistake was.


For his part, he did offer an apology and encouraged people to still see the movie

Still, one major element of this movie—one that has done an incredible job keeping its major plot points under wraps—has been ruined for a ton of people. Judging by the general response, I think Michael Sam may have been ruined for them, too.

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