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Orlando Bloom was swiftly deported from India almost as soon as his plane hit the tarmac, despite being invited by the state, and embarrassed government officials are now attempting to clamor back into favor after the way their guest was treated.

Bloom was invited to India as Guest of State to promote tourism, but problems with his visa meant that he was swiftly turned around at the airport and unceremoniously bundled onto the next plane back to the UK.

Orlando Bloom looks bewildered at the airport
Orlando Bloom looks bewildered at the airport

The Mirror reports that Bloom had followed correct procedure and applied for an e-visa weeks before he travelled, but the star was only notified that his application had been rejected after he had landed.

Passengers without a valid visa can remain on Indian soil for up to 72 hours under special circumstances, but Bloom's invitation from the Indian government did not grant him a temporary landing permit and he was sent back on the same day at 4am on a BA flight.

Bloom was "upset" by the debacle
Bloom was "upset" by the debacle

Airport officials are implying that Bloom's rough treatment might have been spurred on by his celebrity status and bitter staff members trying to make an example of him. A senior official at Delhi airport told The Daily Mail that:

"Orlando was invited for a government program. The arrogant behavior of Immigration officials has dented India's image globally as they deliberately deported him even when they had other options to allow him to stay here. A visa was issued after Sushma Swaraj's reported intervention after which Bloom finally landed in Delhi on Sunday."

Understandably, Bloom was reportedly "upset" about how he was treated and, according to The India Times, the 38-year-old actor has missed some of the activities planned for him including a visit the to Taj Mahal with politician Amar Singh and a special dinner in his honor.

Airport officials are currently investigating how Bloom's case was handled.

(Source: The Mirror and The Daily Mail)


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