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There are occasional situations in life that render you unsure as to whether to laugh or cry. A recent poll of Republican voters, carried out by Public Policy Polls, has created one of these very situations.

The survey of more than 530 primary Republican voters has led to a very strange result...

30% of voters in the poll support the bombing of Agrabah

As the Tweet above points out, Agrabah is the fictional city from Aladdin. Although this is funny on some level, let's not forget that this is equally frightening. Foreign policy, it seems, is now based on whether a city sounds like it's from the Middle East.

A Lack of Understanding

As if that wasn't enough to put you off your Lucky Charms, it also turns out a perplexing 54% of those polled also believe Muslims shouldn't be allowed into the US, in line with Donald Trump's recent controversial views.

But before you Democrats get start gloating, the same question was put to Dem primary voters as well. The result? 19% would drop ordnance on the fictional Disney location:

The results provide a worrying sample of how many people lack even basic knowledge or understanding of foreign policy. If only I had a magic lamp...

The Disney classic musical, Aladdin, tells the story of a poor street child who uncovers a magical Genie (Robin Williams) who can grant him any wish. Released in 1992, it was part of the Disney Renaissance between 1989 and 1999.

Source: The Guardian


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