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(Warning - the following may theoretically contain SPOILERS for 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.' Or it may not. Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests to you is wise...)

Now, everyone has their own favorite iteration of Robin, Batman's erstwhile sidekick (and a one-hero example of exactly why child labor laws are important). For many, the original, Dick Grayson, will always be the greatest, but later Robin's Tim Drake and Damian Wayne also have cheerleaders, and even the much-maligned Jason Todd has his fans. Intriguingly, though, one of the most popular versions of the character is also one who that has rarely been seen on the comic-book page or on screen: Carrie Kelley.

Having first appeared back in Frank Miller's widely loved The Dark Knight Returns, it's perhaps no surprise that Kelley became an immediate cult favorite - especially since she was one of a surprisingly small number of well-rounded female characters available to readers of mainstream comic books at the time. Since her arrival, however, Kelley's appearances have largely been restricted to continuations of Miller's (alternate universe-set) story, an animated movie or two based upon it, and a handful of appearances as a non-Robin supporting character in the mainstream DC universe.

With Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just around the corner, though - and seemingly set to be heavily influenced by Miller's story - that could all be about to change. After all, Kelley has long been rumored to be appearing in Dawn of Justice, with Jena Malone heavily tipped to be playing her. Which means we could soon see a live-action version of the fan-favorite on the big screen.

The big question, then?

What Would Jena Malone Look Like as Carrie Kelley?

Well, thanks to the good folks over at, we now finally have an idea.

Could this, then, be what Malone will look like as Robin?

We most likely won't find out for sure until March 25 next year - and there's no guarantee that Malone will, in fact, be playing Robin - but in the meantime, it sure is fun to think about...

What do you think?



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