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15 Popular burning questions everyone is asking:

1. Is Rey Luke's daughter?

2. Why is Luke AWOL while the First Order is terrorizing the galaxy?

3. Who are Finn's parents/ family?

4. What's up with the map tracking Luke?

5. How did Maz get Luke's lightsaber?

6. What really turned Kylo/ Ben dark?

7. Who is Supreme Leader Snoke?

8. What's the deal with the First Order, Resistance, and Republic?

9. Who is Rey's family?

10. Does Finn have some type of power?

11. How did Kylo/ Ben get Darth Vader's helmet?

12. What happened to Phasma? Did she survive?

13. Why did Finn battle in the start of the movie if he worked in sanitation? Is he lying?

14. Who made the map for tracking Luke?

15. What happens to Rey now? Will Luke train her?

What side would you chose?

Dark side:

Ability- Force lightning, midi- chlorians, and etc.

Notes- After you go to the Dark Side, it's hard to come back. The individuals can have the Force used with their emotions.

Ruler/ leader- Sith Lord Darth Sidous

Light Side:

Note- Can have the Force as well. Mortal enemies of the Dark Side. Utilized feelings of no- hate battle.

Group/ side- Jedi

Promise, code, honor- Jedi Code

Ability- Deities/ light side of the Force.

Jedi Ranks-

1. Jedi Knights

2. Jedi Master

3. Grand Master

4. Jedi Order

5. Master of the order, etc.


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