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The Force was not strong at the ArcLight in LA on Saturday night: the projector malfunctioned during a midnight screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the crowd erupted in pandemonium.

One fan uploaded a video, have a look:

Although the video is quite funny to watch, you can clearly see and hear how infuriated the audience is. People can be heard yelling at the cinema staff from their seats, as one presumedly die-hard fan can be heard shouting, "You're ruining my life!"

The caption under the YouTube video above reads:

After a few minutes the staff tried to correct the problem but re-started the movie a few minutes forward from where it stopped. Not once, twice!!! People did not take this well.

In addition to numerous videos popping up, many fans took to Twitter to voice their complaints:

Seems a bit extreme to mention the death penalty... but ok.

Uncountable tweets described the audience reaction as berserk, crazy and nuts.

Eric Melendez was one of the unfortunate few caught in the disaster and could think of no other way to cope with the madness than to continuously yell "Nooooooooo!" into the dark chaos of the theater.

Darth understands...

Sources: Deadline, You Tube, Twitter.


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