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In a relatively crowded video content market, Vimeo is a video sharing platform with VoD services, original programming schedule and newly released android app out this week. MoviePilot spoke to Vimeo’s Head of Curation Jordan McGarry about her role and all things Vimeo.

“As the Head of Curation, I head a team of five people and we spend most of our time watching videos, dealing with creators or working with other teams from Vimeo about how to make life better for creators, or for people who like watching videos!”

“There are three people dedicated to the free Vimeo site, including Staff Picks, and one full time person and several freelancers who curate the Vimeo On Demand paid platform. We never, ever run out of things to watch”

Vimeo’s Staff Picks is the badge of honour for the platform and finding the newest talent is no easy feat.

“We all watch a lot of videos all the time - we follow good creators and good channels curated by members of the Vimeo community, and of course we get a lot of emails and messages from creators sending us their new work. We also have a couple of back end systems that allow us to keep an eye on what’s doing well on the site.”

“Whenever one of us finds a video that we really like, we enter it into our system so other team members can see it. Staff Picks are never chosen just by one person, we always have at least two people vote before anything goes into the channel. So everything’s always carefully considered, nothing’s ever arbitrary. We hope this means that while we probably do have a pretty clear voice for Staff Picks, it’s broader than any one person’s taste.”

As we approach the end of 2015, Jordan highlighted one of the key trends the young creative’s have used.

“We’ve noticed that lots of people are moving away from using widescreen. It might be partly nostalgia, partly platforms like Vine, Instagram and Periscope, but people are definitely using more varied aspect ratios, from 4:3 to square or vertical video. We’ve even seen round videos. Now that people are just as likely to be watching on a phone or a tablet that can be rotated to view vertically as a TV or a desktop computer, the traditional widescreen view seems less critical and people are more open to other options.”

And what was the pick of 2015 for Jordan this year.

“This year has seen loads and picking one is too hard! But The Fallen of WWII (Documentary), The Shoes: Drifted (Music Video) and Coda (Animation).”

In the last two years, near 70% of the Oscar Shorts shortlisted selections were Vimeo filmmakers, 82% of South by Southwest and Sundance selections were by Vimeo filmmakers, and in April Fox signed two Vimeo filmmakers and Warner Bros picked up one. One of those success stories is Orlando von Einsiedel, his first short film, Skateistan: To Live and Skate Kabul, which premiered on Vimeo platform back in 2010, was chosen by Vimeo’s industry curators as a Staff Pick and since then has directed VIRINGA, a documentary produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, which was nominated for an Academy Award and won the 2015 Creative Art Emmy for cinematography.

Vimeo is leading the way for their platform user's and we can certainly expect the next Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg’s from this platform from 2016 and beyond.


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