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For years it has been acceptably common knowledge that Sean Penn domestically abused his former spouse, Madonna, but now the Queen of Pop has sworn under oath that Penn has never beaten her.

As part of the defamation case against the Empire co-creator, Lee Daniels, Madonna produced a statement in court which reads:

"Sean has never struck me, tied me up, or physically assaulted me."

Previously, there had been reports that Penn hit his former wife with a baseball bat (1987), and that he'd been arrested for domestic assault against Madonna in 1989.

Sean Penn and Madonna
Sean Penn and Madonna

Although Madonna didn't speak up to deny the claims at the time, now she says all those reports "completely false." She calls her ex a "caring, compassionate individual" who she's known for more than 30 years.

Penn is currently suing Lee Daniels as he insinuated that the 55-year-old actor was a wife beater. While discussing Terrance Howard's domestic abuse case, Daniels said Howard did nothing different to Penn, who is still getting plenty of work.

(Source: TMZ)


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