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With the biggest opening weekend in box office history (a jaw-dropping $524.9 million worldwide) you may think the stars of the continued franchise are soaking up the newfound fame with stereotypically big egos and high-maintenance behavior. I'd be willing to bet that most people who were plucked from obscurity to become a lead in Star Wars would become a little big for their britches, but that's not the case with John Boyega.

As the bold and often hilarious Finn, Boyega is an integral part to what makes [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) such a sensation (and that's all I say on the matter, because spoilers are for overly souped-up cars). And, he's using that emerging star power in the best possible way: to surprise unsuspecting fans.

Once the new actor arrived back on his home turf in the UK, he almost immediately got to work

And by "work" I mean "giving the best day ever to some lucky people."

He went on a theater tour and turned up at multiple cinemas

Clearly, the audience reacted with pure excitement.

Can you imagine if Finn just stumbled into your screening?

And all the fans that got to meet him proclaimed that he's pretty much the nicest guy in the galaxy.

But, with all good things, it had to end at some point

Let's hope Star Wars is the first thing to buck that idiom. I certainly wouldn't mind getting a new movie for the rest of my life, especially if they turn out as good as The Force Awakens.

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