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I look at most of all tv series and movies and try to make good reviews and theorys
Peter Andersson

I have three big movie titles I'm looking forward to watch at cinema (captain america: civil war, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and star wars: rogue one) I'm going to do a review about what I think of each of this movies.

2016's movie year is hopefully going to be good beacuse it's musch goood movie coming out then. If you like old movie so are going to love movie year 2016 with the second movie of the popular movie Independece day or a movie from a game Assassin's Creed or maybe the first spin-off movie from both star wars and Harry potter so you can see 2016 movie year going to be good.. maybe.

A month before the premiere of captain america: civil war is I'm gonna doing a review about what I hope is going to be in the movie.


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