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only started doing reviews so sorry there abit short let me know what you think guys! :)

All hallows eve is made from four segmented movies, it starts with Sarah who is baby sitting two children one boy one girl, the boy is taking his candy out when he finds a VHS tape. On it is the other three segments one is a sort of rosemary's baby type of segment. the second is a alien attacking a woman in her home, and the third is about a killer clown at a gas station. Now this clown is what links all 4 segments, he is called ART the clown from what i can gather and to be honest he left me with a haunting feeling after the movie finished. The Make up was done very well, the three segments on the VHS tape were all short films done by the director of All hallows eve Damien Leone, he also directed Frankenstein vs the mummy but that's for another time. My favorite segment was the first one it was done very well it was dark and gory, it worked very well and the special effects were on point. In conclusion i thought it was a great movie and the second one is being made, but i have not watched that one yet, so if your into horror its defiantly worth a watch keep watching after the credits as well!


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